President Ed Gwozdz welcomed all to the August 2, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence for Officer Jonathan DeGuzman, wife, 2 kids, and the 4-Way Test.
Prez Ed and his Membership Induction Team welcomed Rita Smith as our newest member of Golden Rotary.  Jim Smith is both her sponsor and mentor.  Welcome to the “Golden Rotary family,” Rita!  
VISITORS & GUESTS:                   
Pat Madison welcomed the following guests and prospective new members:
  • Karl Sauer (formerly with Oil City Rotary Club, LA) 
  • Paul Haseman (guest of Sandy Algermissen)
  • Michelle Barnes (guest of Pat Madison)
As a Golden Rotarian for 29 years and 11 months, Russ share his background with Golden Rotary members.  Born in Frankly County, Nebraska, Russ grew up on a farm and quickly learned what had work was all about, rising early in the morning and not going to bed until late.  He ran the hay baler, wrangled cattle and hogs, and fixed fences.  After a highly successful high school career, during which he play football, he went to college at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, during which he studied economics and ultimately met his now wife, Gloria.  After college, he went to law school and served in Advanced ROTC.  His law career is grounded in land use and water law in Nebraska and Colorado, helping to define case law around minimum in-stream flow and important criteria that affects whether and how a party can challenge legal decisions. 
In his legal career, Russ has served on the staff of the City Attorney for Lakewood and, more importantly, as the City Attorney for the City of Golden during which he was key to successful litigation affecting South and North Table Mountain and Clear Creek.  In his law practice since August 1, 1974, Russ also works with clients on estate planning.  He is married to the amazing Gloria Sindt and together they have two children – Jeff and Stephanie – both of whom are married and gainfully employed in their professions.
What can you catch but you cannot throw?  A COLD!!
  1. GEORGE MAMALIS – George shared with members about the West Chamber’s “Jefferso County Hall of Fame” event on Wednesday, August 24, at Pine Hurst Country Club.  More info?  Visit
  2. TYLE FREEMAN – Three “happy bucks,” one for each weekend that he and his family’s weekend went camping.  With his young family, these excursions have become know as “July-cations.”  Also, just a reminder for members that there is an upcoming social on August 4 at 5:30 at the Arbor House with the Satellite folks.  It is a food drive for the Golden Backpack Program (bring a breakfast item such as packets of oatmeal or Carnation Instant Breakfast, or small boxes of cereal).  Also, sign up to bring a potluck dish to share.
  3. PAT MADISON – Pat and Judy decided to “vacation” closer to home, so they spent time in Telluride, Aspen, and Crested Butte enjoying the scenic wonders of our Centennial State of Colorado.
  4. HASSAN NAJJAR – Last week the Foothills Art Center “Art on Tap” was a great success.  Also Hassan and his wife just learned that their “twins” are actually one girl and one boy!  Instant complete family!! 
  5. LARRY FIKE:  Larry and Karen are undertaking a daunting task:  Teaching their grandson how to play golf.
  6. TOM NIVER:  Tom has had a few exceptional experiences lately.  First, he bit the bullet and bought a small Airstream trailer with two axles so he can head to Yellowstone (at a minimum) to go fishing.  Then he learned that his administrative assistant was leaving to move with her husband to Florida.  Lucky, though, he found an amazing young woman (a millennial about 27 years old) who has a strong work ethic and enjoys hard work and the prospect of achievement.
SOCKO:  Rick Hebert
Well, the “winner-loser” today is Don Beyle. In honor of our “peach season,” Don received another French “peach tray.”   Theme-based consolation prizes just continue to show up during peach season.
  • Linda Diederichsen: PEACHES! Great work this past weekend at Buffalo Bill Days parade and at the Golden Rotary booth.  Thanks to all for your hard work.  Just need to keep pitching peaches. We can’t rest yet so keep up your enthusiasm.
  • Jim Malone:  It’s time for Old Golden Road cleanup.  Signup sheet is going around.
  • President Ed:  Golden Visitor Center, which Golden Rotary supports, sent a very kind “thank you.”  Also, heads up:  Jeffco Sheriff Shrader let us know that there is scheduled a “Safety in Faith Summit” on August 18, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  Go on line to sign up if you are interested.
  • Greg Elliott:  Many thanks to Jamie Sheridan who has stepped up for a Gold Sponsorship this year.  Please reach out to friends and businesses to help fill the hole sponsorships.  There will be a short meeting after the club meeting about the Golf Tournament. 
  • Jamie Sheridan – Just a reminder that Golden Rotary has a “Corn Hole” team.  Every Wednesday at Lions Park about 5:30.  Best part of this?  There is a liquor license, so come with a picnic basket and beverage of choice (no glass containers, please) and enjoy the fun.  Great way to meet new friends in the Community.
PROGRAM: Rick Hebert
Rick introduced Mr. Richard J. Bryan who will present his program on common sense leadership outlined in his book, “10 Fun Facts – Real life lessons to Grow Your Business and Yourself.”  Richard’s Top 10 Fun Facts! 
  1. He was born in Bristol, England.
  2. He now lives in Colorado with his wife Melissa, 2 great kids, and “Archie, The Wonder Dog.”
  3. He sill has an annoying British accent.
  4. He comes from a 4th generation family running a car business
  5. He became a reluctant CEO of the family business at age 28.
  6. He made a LOT of mistakes.
  7. He hired a great coach, paid a lot for him, and he was worth every dime.
  8. He created a well-timed exit strategy and sold the company in June 2008.
  9. He started a commercial real estate business in January 2009.
  10. He lives to tell you about it!
With a family history of car dealerships in England, Richard got a call from his mother that his father was going into the hospital.  Needless to say, he did return to England and joined the family business.  What he discovered was a business filled with a business that was losing $3 million/year and owed over $5 million to the bank, an entitled long-time staff with large salary expectations and even larger egos.  With that, he sought help and advertised.  The fifth potential candidate was the person he needed:  Frank!  Frank listened and told Richard that he would “get the job done.”  Over the years, here are the lessons that Richard learned from Frank:
  • What Should I Do?  The family business ran seven days a week, which was not sustainable.  He learned that as a manager, he needed to do only those things that only he could do and let staff handle the rest.  As the manager, I had to ask myself, “If I had a magic wand, what would I change?”  That guides how you shape your day.  For example, do you open your own mail and review emails, or is that handled by your assistant?  Look for efficiencies.  It will free up time for you to be more effective. Finally, don’t forget to “dream” big! 
  • Hire “A” Players:  Find those individuals who can contribute disproportionately to your business.  The key is to find someone with transferable skills and a great attitude!  Make sure they have big dreams.
  • Have Fun!  Focus on the relationships you build and not on business processes.  That means you need to have some fun with your friends along the way.  It will translate into business down the road.
President Ed thanked Mr. Bryan for his presentation.  He presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
NEXT PROGRAM:  Pat Madison
Our next program will be August 9 and will be brought to us by Traci Brown, entitled "Crack the Code of Lies" (non-political).  Traci is a champion athlete and body language expert.
President Ed closed the meeting with, “Have a GREAT week!”