Posted by Joan Osborne on Nov 28, 2017
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Golden, the Miracle Shop is a “pop-up” toy store (located this year at Calvary Church in Golden) for financially struggling families. Parents are invited to shop at the store for holiday toys for their children.  All toys are sold at garage sale prices..they are not free.*  Parents are asked to pay what they can.  Those who participate tell us they are excited for the opportunity to choose gifts for their children and that paying something feels better than receiving a handout. There is no “charity”.  They are so thankful and excited.  Won’t you help keep the “miracle “ going?
What you can do:
1.)  Ask a child what he/she wants to see under the tree.  Chances are there are other kids who would be excited to see that toy too.
2.)  Bring the new, unwrapped toy to Calvary Church starting Dec 11th.
3.) Toys will be collected until December 15th.
4.)  Sit back and imagine how excited Mom or Dad will be to see your donation on the store shelf. They are sure to find the perfect gift for their boy or girl!
Here is what JeffCo Public Schools had to say about the Miracle Shop!  Click HERE.
*Money collected will be given back to schools for emergency needs.
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