ImageThe Developmental Disabilities Resource Center’s (DDRC) Special Recognition Award is an anuual award given to people or organizations that have shown exceptional support and dedication toward people with developmental disabilities.  The award was presented to the Golden Rotary and Golden Rotary Foundation for their ongoing collaboration with the DDRC Adult Vocational Program to supply weekend food sacks for over 500 students in the Golden area through the Golden Backpack Program.


For the past four years, DDRC’s role has been to pick up ordered food from the Food Bank of the Rockies and take it back to their Bruno Building in Lakewood.  Then, participants at the Bruno Vocational Center fill the sacks that are then delivered by staff to eight schools in the Golden area. 

“DDRC’s role is critical to our success,” said Peggy Halderman, Executive Director of the GBP.  “Their support and services have allowed us to effectively accommodate the increasing need from Golden schools.”

Leslie Smith works every day to coordinate this effort with DDRC staff members Jim Hannah and Gerald Eulian with DDRC consumers.  The coordination of inventories of food for over 500 kids per week is an enormous job as is the coordination of the work to get it done in a timely manner while managing a complex schedule of work from a variety of other employers and partners.

“We know children that are on the free and reduced lunch roles have at least 5 days of good nutritious lunches at school, but what is not known is what they get at home on the weekends,” said Ron Marquez, Director of Community Relations.  “Especially in these difficult economic times there is a need for organizations such as the GBP and DDRC to collaborate and share their resources to fulfill this unmet need.”

Peggy Halderman, and Larry Hall, president of the Golden Rotary Foundation accepted the award on October 24, 2012.