Posted on Apr 18, 2019
In light of the very stressful week for our community, the CEO/President of Jefferson Center, a partner with Golden Rotary in our mental health work, posted the following letter. We commend it to our members and friends throughout our community and our world. Thanks, Kiara Kuenzler, for your supportive message and resources.
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Follow Pat and Dan's trek along the entire Continental Divide Trail through the blogs posted by Pat's daughter, Erin.  Thanks, Erin!!!  We love following their travels.

Southern terminus of the CDT monument
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This week's "Mental Wellness Tip" is here! With thanks to Golden High School students and the Golden Rotary "Mental Wellness Committee"!
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Posted by Peggy Halderman on Jul 03, 2015
Rotary eClub One is a fully chartered Rotary club and spending 30 minutes on their club site is a Rotary International approved make-up. Rotary International by-laws were changed in 2007 to provide for this make-up. If you have not completed an online make-up yet, you will find it full of more Rotary information then you might typically get at a traditional meeting.
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Posted by Pat Madison

Interested in Membership in the Rotary Club of Golden?  Contact Membership Chair, Pat Madison,, or call 303-279-1021.  To learn more about membership in Golden Rotary, click on the "Membership Committee" site page in the menu on the left.  If you want a membership application, please download one from the file on the left under "Home Page Download Files."

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