Nov 27, 2018
Alexia Parks
G.E.T. Smarter, Faster: 10 Traits That Unite Us

Alexia Parks, inventor of the Gender Equality Tool and G.E.T. Smarter Together 1-Minute Learning Tool, is Founder and CEO of 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, a non-profit.  Called “One of 50 people who matter most on the NET” by Newsweek magazine for her launch of, one of the first electronic democracy systems on the Internet, and UN Mentor to the Goldman Sachs/Fortune #1 Award Winner "Most Powerful Women in the World" (2014) she is also a best selling author and keynote speaker. Alexia is a recognized global expert on gender equality and leadership. She has appeared as an expert on national, international TV news, in TIME magazine, and formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post.