Rotary Club of Golden @ Rolling Hills Country Club
Annual Meeting 6:00 PM Thursday, June 26, 2014
Registration and fellowship commenced at 6:00 PM with new Rotarian Sarah Lykins covering the welcome and meal ticket distribution to all Rotarians and Guests.  Thank you Sarah!
 We had 60 attendees at this Annual Transition celebration including guest Kathy Callender (recent  program speaker and potential member).  We were also honored by the presence of District Governor Dan Himelspach and his wife, Leslie – along with District Governor Elect Peter Ewing and his wife Mary Jean.  Thanks to all for attending!
PDG Jim Halderman was our Master of Ceremonies and started the festivities off with the welcoming of Rotarians and guests.  Invocation by Past President Russ Sindt, Pledge by Doug Hambley and 4-Way Test led by President Elect Paul Veldman – after which “dinner was served”.
Outgoing President Dan Green thanked PDG Jim for being our M.C. and thanked DG Dan and Leslie and DGE Peter and M. J. for being with us.  DGE Peter Ewing and Gloria Sindt were recognized for celebrating their birthdays with us this evening!!  We had a toast “to grease the skids” to get President Dan out the door and to a successful Rotary Year for incoming President Tom Niver.
Rotarian Mike Bestor introduced and recognized Julie Malmberg Grawe as receiving the Golden Rotary Service Above Self Award for her work with and for Girls on the Run program.  Julie and her husband Andy could not be with us this evening because she was back in her hometown helping to clean up after last week’s devastating tornado that destroyed much of that area.   Receiving the award of a plaque and check for $1,000 to Julie’s favorite charity for Julie, was Karen MacFarquhar.  Karen represented Julie well in verifying that she indeed deserved this honor and recognition!
The celebration of successes began by recognizing the Rotarians of the Month:   AUG - Don Hogue, Sep – Jim Malone, Oct – Judy Denison, Nov – George Mamalis, Dec – Scott Brown, Jan – Jerry Lovejoy, Feb – Betsy Thorpe, Mar – Eileen Schurmann, Apr – Joan Osborne, May – Bob Ritter and June – Warren Spaulding. 
Goals for the year were pretty much met as we inducted 8 new members – with 4 leaving; we netted 4 making a club with 60 active and 4 honorary members.
The RI Foundation and PolioPlus goal of $11,800 was exceeded ($14,314).  Over 16 projects and continuing fundraisers (peaches, EIB and Foundation Golf Tournament now moved to later in the summer) – and best of all a great start on getting International Projects initiated by our Club!!  All good enough to earn Golden Rotary a Presidential Citation and only one item short of receiving extra recognition.
The rest of the story was presented as President Dan recognized each member of the 2013-2014 Leadership Team: 
Past President Peggy Halderman -
Secretary Larry Fike –
Treasurer Paulette Dyon –
President Elect Tom Niver –
Vice President Brian Richy –
Club Service Josh Jorden -
Community Service PP Judy Orr -
Youth Service Dean Clemons –
Rotary Foundation PP Colleen Jorgensen –
Vocational Service PP Russ Sindt –
International Service PP Kevin Nichols –
Public Relations PDG Jim Halderman –
Membership PP Pat Madison –
Editarian PP George Mitchell –
Rest of Leadership Team:
Sergeant-AT-Arms Rick Hebert –
Rotary College Dean PP Steve Jensen –
Red Badge Joan Osborne –
Membership Care Don Bleyle –
Youth Exchange Don Hogue –
Youth Exchange Hosts Jamie & Julie Sheridan and PP Steve and Lori Jensen –
Chair of Peach Sales PP Kevin Nichols –
Chair of Ethics in Business Jerry Lovejoy -
And now to some special awards:
Rookie Of The Year Heather Langendorfer –
Above and Beyond Award Paulette Dyon –
Above and Beyond Award Pat Madison –
And for the best of all:
ROTARIAN of the YEAR Joshua Jorden!!!!!
One Final Thought for Today --- “When a door closes, another one opens.  But often we stand there so long looking at the closed door; we do not see the one that has opened”.
PP and Charter Member George Mitchell Inducted PE Tom Niver into the job of President 2014-2015 as Patricia was by his side.  DGE Peter Ewing pinned the Club President Pin on Tom’s lapel to make it official!
President Tom then gave PP Dan his “new pin and badge” as DG Dan Himelspach placed the pin on his lapel to make it “official” (officially now an is-was or has-been – whichever you chose”.
President Tom introduced his 2014-2015 Leadership Team:
  • Past President Dan Green
  • President Elect Paul Veldman
  • Club Secretary Larry Fike
  • Club Treasurer Paulette Dyon
  • Vice President Brian Richy
  • PR Chair Jim Halderman
  • Membership Chair Pat Madison
  • Club Service Jim Malone/Bob Ritter
  • Rotary Foundation Chair Colleen Jorgensen
  • New Generations – Dean Clemons/Stephan Reckie
  • Vocational Service Chair Russ Sindt/Jerry Lovejoy
  • International Service Chair Kevin Nichols
  • Community Service Chair Judy Orr
Rest of Leadership Team:
  • Sergeant-At-Arms – Rick Hebert; 
  • Red Badge – Joan Osborne; 
  • Membership Care – Don Bleyle; 
  • Rotary College Dean – Steve Jensen; 
  • Youth Exchange Coordinator – Jamie Sheridan
  • Web Master – Paulette Dyon
After which PP George Mitchell installed the Board to make them official for their year.
President Tom then reviewed his goals for the year as led by the above chairs – summarizing by saying “We will achieve much, we will have fun and we will experience Joy.  Fun is what makes you smile and laugh.  Joy is what makes you cry because you are so profoundly happy”.
President Tom then ended by relating that this past Thursday he received an e-mail from our Mongolia Rotary Partner in the Book Ger Project.  Her name is Uranzaya, she wrote exclaiming her joy in her dream of the Book Ger Project finally coming to be - thanks to Tom and the Project approval!
We will achieve much, we will have fun and we will experience joy.
We will have a Great 2014-2015 Rotary Year!
Thank You!!
Upon which PDG Jim Halderman thanked all for coming - Good Night, travel safely – rang the bell and ended the festivities at 9:05 PM.