President-Elect Greg Elliott welcomed all to the September 20, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the 4-Way Test.
Membership Chair Pat Madison welcomed visitors:
  • Kristy Blodgett, Operations Manager, Golden Backpack Program, Inc. 
  • Heidi Rickels – Executive Director, Fresh Water International and the upcoming “Walk for Water” on October 8 at Golden High School Interact
  • Jeff Ethan (Young RYLA) and his mother, Sarah Bontrager
  • Harmony McMullin (Young RYLA) and her mother, Tami McMullin
  • Hanna Ninke (Young RYLA) and her father, David Ninke
  • Linda Jelinek, counselor at Bell M.S.
  • Nancy Paricio, teacher/sponsor for Bell M.S. Interact Club
CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President-Elect Greg Elliott
President-Elect Greg thanked the following past presidents who are stepping up to provider leadership for the rest of the current Rotary Year:
  1. Sam Allen (current-12/31),
  2. Kevin Nichols (1/1-3/31), and
  3. Pat Madison (4/1-6/30)
President-Elect Greg and the Club Membership Induction Team welcomed Michelle Barnes (Sponsor:  Betsy Thorpe; Mentor: Joan Osborn), Karl Sauer (Sponsor/Mentor: Brian Richy), and Paul Hasemen (Sponsor: Sandy Algermissen; Mentor: Greg Elliott) as our newest members of Golden Rotary.  Welcome to each of you!
On behalf of the entire Youth Service Committee, Linda Dierderichsen asked Jamie Sheridan to come forward for a special thank you.
Jamie Sheridan invited Rick and Tina Kiel to step forward for special recognition.  Last school year the Kiel’s stepped forward to serve as one of two host families for our Youth Exchange student Mary.  As a host family they went above and beyond and embraced Mary as part of their family.  This included all the trips throughout Colorado, spending time with her when she was homesick, helping their daughter and Mary select and get ready for Prom, and supported Mary in her involvement with all her activities including Golden H.S. Interact Club.  He gave them a gift certificate as a small token of appreciation for their service above self.  
Young RYLArians Share Their Experience:  Stephan Reckie, who provided leadership around the Young RYLA process for the club, stepped forward to explain the process of selecting four out of twelve candidates to attend Young RYLA camp.  By the way:  Keep in mind that these Young RYLArians are all thirteen!  Today, we hear three of the four young folks:
  1. Hanna Ninke:  Hanna thanked Golden Rotary for sending her to Young RYLA this summer.  She said that she took home many valuable skills from her week including a focus of the skills around:  “myself, this team, the world.”  Through a better understanding of what constitutes teamwork, she also discovered that she has become a better individual with enhanced ability to feel sympathy, gratitude, and the “power of one.”  During her week she learned about Linda, who overcame significant health challenges.  Yes, she pushed pebbles (not mountains).  During the “Word of Focus,” Hanna drew inspiration from the power of what on person can do right now.  So, while she looks forward to a bright future, she is thinking about what she can do right now.  That’s what she believes we all need to do.  
  2. Harmony McMullin: Harmony thanked Golden Rotary for this opportunity.  She shared the story of one of her team members.  A young woman came to the camp with a negative attitude, pretty closed off.  While she warmed up a little bit as the week progressed, she was still pretty closed.  During “Take A Look Around,” an exercise in which the conferees respond to increasing questions about serious life challenges such as religion, abuse, and money, Harmony’s team realized everyone has struggles and pain.  With this insight and understanding that everyone also has strengths and weaknesses, she and her team finally realize the power of one and the power of working together.  Leaders become great not because of their own strengths but because of their ability to empower others.  
  3. Jeff Ethan:  Jeff admitted that he had gone to quite a few camps, but it was Young RYLA that changed his life.  In particular, “Trust Walk” was one of the first powerful experiences in which he was blindfolded while a partner guided him through a difficult course.  It taught him to be both a leader and a follower, which he said he needed to learn to be. Also, as the week went on, he grew out of his shell.  Jeff thanked Golden Rotary for such an amazing experience, and said that he would even consider becoming a Rotarian when he is older!  
Linda Deirderichsen closed out the Youth Service Committee celebrating by asking Nancy Paricio to come forward.  Nancy has been serving as the teacher-sponsor for the Bell Middle School Interact Club for six years. The club has grown from a small group to a vibrant, large club.  Last year the Bell Middle School Interact Club received the Ron Prascher Award for being the best Interact Club in the District and the Presidential Citation.  This year the Ron Prascher Award went to Golden High School Interact Club (who also received the Presidential Citation).  Also, the Bell Middle School Interact Club was recognized for its excellence with the Presidential Citation. 
Nancy Paricio shared that while Bell Middle School Interact Club is proud to be recognized with a Presidential Citation, the Interact Club was ranked #2 in the District.  Nancy gave special thanks to her almost 50 kids in the Bell Middle School Interact Club.  BTW:  Hanna is the president of the Interact Club, so you see the qualify of our leadership.  Linda then presented Nancy with a gift card as an expression of thanks for her service above self with and for the kids of the Interact Club.
What has two legs, two feet, and nothing else?  Panty hose!  (You’re working too hard at this, Rick!)
SOCKO:  Rick Hebert
Tina Kiel’s ticket was pulled but she ended up a “winner-loser” having pulled the  wrong marble.  Her consolation prize is a small French “peach” tray for keys, coins, etc.
  1. Kevin Nichols:  The meeting of the International Service Committee will be right after the club meeting.  We will be talking about the “Walk for Fresh Water” in collaboration with the Golden High School Interact Club.  Also, they’ll be talking about the upcoming trip to Nicaragua in November to see completed global grant and review possibilities for our next global grant.
  2. Greg Elliott:  Golf Tournament needs volunteers for registration and other activities to support the Golf Tournament.  Sign-up sheet is going around.
  3. Betsy Thorpe:  We need more items for the Silent Auction
  4. General Announcements: 
    1. Rotary Leadership Institute – Oct 8 at Red Rocks CC
    2. Board meeting this Thursday, 7:30 a.m., at Golden Guarantee Bank
Scott Brown introduced Mike Pierce, a chiropractic neurologist, who will talk about concussions.  Dr. Michael Pierce is board certified in neurology and teaches neurology.  He is also a credentialed chef. 
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Minor Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) can be caused by varied and unique reasons.  How an individual responds to any stimulus depends on genetics, stressors, and individual anatomy.  The only way to really diagnose/treat an individual’s TBI or mTBI is through a custom assessment and carefully designed treatment plan.  
Currently the medical and insurance systems define assessments at a very broad level which are too often inadequate for an individual’s situation.  Also the treatment codes are too general to be effective for treatment purposes.  Why would that be?  It is not unusual for an assessment to be at such a high level as to focus only higher-level functions such as listening to music while not considering other parts of the brain he called  “no man’s land” or that part of the brain that involves complex activities like eye movement or swallowing.
Dr. Pierce explained in detail the state of the art of technology that identifies deep activity in the brain.  This information is important to design treatment and rehabilitation to help restore the brain to health.  This enhanced technology can define fine levels of information at deep levels of the brain which, when used by trained medical doctors, can be used to subtly stimulate the brain toward health.
When asked about whether there is anything that an individual can do for him/herself, Dr. Pierce encouraged the audience to consider an anti-inflammatory diet, not to take a lot of drugs or supplements for one month after a concussion, and above all, get a cerebellum exam.
President-Elect Greg thanked Mike for his thought-provoking program and presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
NEXT PROGRAM:  Pat Madison
Membership Chair Pat Madison thanked all the visitors, especially the Young RYLArians for sharing their experiences with us. 
Pat reminded all that next Tuesday, September 27, be a Club Assembly.  We will hear from our officers and committee chairs about the direction of our club.  President Sam Allen has asked all Committee chairs to come ready to share your committee goals, objectives, and projects.   
The following Tuesday, October 4, we will be dark so that all Golden Rotarians can support our Annual Golf Tournament on Thursday, October 6, 2016.
President-Elect Greg rang the meeting closed with, “MAKE it a great day!”