Recap of October 11, 2016, Meeting
President-Elect Greg Elliott welcomed all to the October 11, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the 4-Way Test.
LATE BREAKING NEWS!  Golden High School Interact Club has been selected as one of four winners of the Golden Mayor’s Awards for Excellence given to “extraordinary neighbors.”  This year’s event will also highlight the relationship between the City and CSM with the “Gold Mine” Award, recognizing an individual who works toward the betterment of both the City and the University.  The celebration will be on Tuesday, October 25, at the Colorado School of Mines Student Center (1600 Maple Street) at 6:30 pm.  Please join us to celebrate the accomplishments of the amazing young folks of the Golden High School Interact Club!
Membership Chair Pat Madison welcomed visitors:
Rich Nichols – CEO of Golden-based business “Cheese Ranch Artisan Deli” & member of Arvada R.C.
Eileen Regan – Founder/CEO of GoFarm
Martha Tate – Retired principal, teacher, coach, in Jefferson County Public Schools
Jan Malone – Long-time volunteer with Golden Rotary
What goes up but never comes down?  Your age!
HAPPY BUCKS:   Rick Hebert  
  1. Rick Hebert was happy because his foursome had two ringers…pulled them into 9th
  2. Linda Diederichsen – She and her husband missed the Golf Tournament because they were in Sedona. Linda had heard a lot about the many “vortexes” but never knew what they were.  Then she noticed something in the sky that looked like a heart which, continued to be visible in the sky till the sunset.  Now she thinks she “gets” the concept!
  3. Michelle Barnes – On October 26 Michelle is hosting a breakfast and then a lunch for World Child Cancer.   The breakfast is to educate people about World Child Cancer, a nonprofit working to help children with cancer in the developing world, with a particular focus on Mexico.  The breakfast (complimentary) is at the Posner Center on Oct 26th from 7:30 to 8:30 am.  She is also hosting a lunch at the Boulder Community Foundation that same day from 12 to 1pm.  She welcomes anyone who wants to learn about how to get involved and help World Child Cancer help kids to attend.  RSVP is required:  Alternatively, you can email her at or call her at 303.949.6483
  4. Hassan Najjar – He is happy for 2 reasons:  First, he and his wife are only seven weeks away from the birth of their twins.  Second, the Downtown Development Authority is hosting an event at Foothills Art Center at 5:30 pm.
  5. Tom Niver – He is happy to be back (safely) after his weeklong trip to MT, WY, and ID where he chased the “wild trout” in the Gardner, Yellowstone, Henry’s Fork and Snake Rivers.  After investing in a good guide, he learned quickly how to land fish from the Henry’s Fork and Snake Rivers! With success in the “fish department” in ALL Rivers, he returned home with no dents/dings in his new trailer.
  6. Mike Bestor – He and Joan returned after an amazing trip to France (including the beach in Normandy.)  Best part?  The 8–day crossing on the QE2!
  7. Jim Smith – Jim is happy to be both a Golden Rotarian AND a Golden Lion as well.  The Golden Lions are having their annual motorcycle raffle.  The Harley is on display at the Buffalo Rose.  There are only 300 tickets, each for $100.  Interested?  Give him a holler!
  8. George Mitchell – He delivered the weekly Mines football updated.  Indeed, they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat from the Azusa of the Pacific.  Ore Diggers narrowly won.  Very happy!
SOCKO:  Rick Hebert
Martha Tate pulled Larry Hall’s ticket!  He ended up a “winner-loser” but accepted the consolation prize of a wind chime!
  1. Greg Elliott – Greg gave thanks to so many folks who helped.  Larry Hall, Jim McGuigan, Jim Malone were invaluable in completing the 15th Annual International Classic Golf Tournament.  Special thanks for all their guidance/help.  Also, thanks to Sandy and her team for all their work.  Also, to George Mitchell for helping check-in that day, we applaud you.  It was a wondrous Colorado day notwithstanding the morning rain.
  2. Eileen Schurmann – Christmas Party will be at Foothills Art Center and will be in the form of a potluck appetizer format.  Please bring 2 bottles of wine; one to drink and one to donate to the “wine cellar” which will be raffled off.  
Scott Brown introduced Mike Stanley, Battalion Chief, who will help us put out fires in your life.  Mike has worked with the Aurora Fire Department when, along the way, he developed a strong interest in organizational dynamics and got a degree from CSU.  Subject?  On Purpose Leadership.
When you have a “fire” going on in your life or business, here are three steps to take to handle that “fire”: 
  1. Size up the situation.  Perform a 360° survey of the situation.  Look at the facts.  Match your resources with the problem.  Develop options.  Do your proposed options match the problem you have?  Do you have enough time and money to do what needs to be done?  If not, see if you can get more resources to handle the situation.
  2. Risk v. Benefit:  Complete a quick risk/benefit assessment with the understanding of “risk a lot/save a lot or risk a little/save a little or risk nothing/save nothing.”  This assessment can help guide you to an appropriate solution.
  3. Communicate a strategy:  Most importantly, once you have developed a solution, make sure you develop a communication strategy so that everyone is on the same page.  Make sure you are clear about your objective; e.g., what are we trying to accomplish?   Make sure all folks are pulling in the same direction. When your plan needs to change to meet the changing need, you must stop, re-group, and re-communicate what needs to change and why.  In essence:  Plan out work; work our plan!
President-Elect Greg thanked Mike for his thought-provoking program and presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
NEXT PROGRAM:  Pat Madison.   
Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton will present our next program on Tuesday, October 18.  He will share his concerns about Amendment 69, Single Payer Health Care.  Bring your information and insights on both sides of this issue to help stimulate a balanced discussion about this state-wide issue.
President-Elect Greg ended the meeting with a quote from Albert Einstein:  If you can’t say it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.