Recap of November 8, 2016, Meeting
President Sam Allen welcomed all to the November 8, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the 4-Way Test.
  1. Martha Tate, guest of Barb Conder, who has submitted her application for membership
  2. Holly Makatura, guest of Pat Madison, who has submitted her application for membership
  3. Todd Heskett, guest of Sandy Algermissen, through Leadership Golden
Brian Richy invited a group of Red Badgers and their mentors to come forward to receive their new Blue Badges and to be congratulated by their Mentors.  Congratulations Cathy Austin, Sherin Buhler, Paul Haseman, Linda Kiser, and Jason Slowinski!  Let the service begin!
HAPPY BUCKS:  Mike Bestor
  1. TOM HUGHES:  Foothills Holiday Art Market opens Thursday at 6 p.m.  Christmas party will be there in December.  Secondly, he received an email from Judy Orr about her resignation, and is quite happy that in her new status as Honorary Rotarian, she’s here!
  2. Jim McGuigan:  Jim is happy that everything is just about wrapped up on the golf tournament.  It looks like we netted $17k.   There are some leftover vests and towels, so that will add to the bottom line.  Thanks to the committee and Fossil Trace for all their hard work.
  3. Greg Elliott:  Greg announced that his Sister-in-law is the executive director of  “Adoption Options.”  He has two tickets for the gala this Saturday nigh tat the Arvada Center if someone would like them.  See Greg if you are interested.
  4. George Mitchell:  George updated us all about Mines Football!!  They are 8/2 in the current standing with a win against Adams State (42-7). Black Hills State is the only obstacle in the path.  Stay tuned…
  5. Jim Smith:  Jim is so happy that Rita found her calling today – greeting! 
SOCKO:  Mike Bestor
Jim Halderman’s ticket was pulled but Jim pulled a loser marble.  He only won the consolation prize of a “USBank” refrigerator magnet.
  1. Peggy Halderman passed around two sign up sheets: 
    1. December 15 for State of the State, and
    2. January 7, 2017 for the RI President’s Dinner on January 7, 2017.  She passed around two sign-up sheets for folks who would like to attend and be at a “Golden Rotary” table. 
  2. Peggy Halderman passed around another sign-up sheet.  She needs Rotarian volunteers for the filming of a Rotary International ad about Rotarians in Action.   
  3. Linda Diederichsen announced the Youth Services Committee meeting following the club meeting.
  4. Tom Hughes shared the recently results of the club trip to Young Ameritown.  PVE has accepted.  It will be for next school year.
  5. Rita Smith passed around two signup sheets for:
    1. December 15-17 for the Holiday Food Box Project for volunteers.
    2. Sponsoring family boxes of food to help 300 families.
  6. Sam Allen called for volunteers to begin planning for next year’s golf tournament.  Meet at Larry Hall’s table after the club meeting.
There seems to be a small misunderstanding that you can only give to The Rotary Foundation in November!  You can give all year long.  If you want it included for your 2016 taxes, you just need to get your donation to Tom Hughes by the end of the year (in time for him to process your donation by December 31).  Also, if you don’t like listening to him talking all about it, you can just:  GIVE, GIVE, GIVE all the time.  RotaryDirect is a great option.  See Tom for a brochure with more info.
Sam Allen introduced Jim Keller, a former Broncos head trainer, who will share with all “Myths/Facts of Exercise.”
Jim comes from a family with a business background, Asphalt Paving Company.  Yet he took a different path; he went into health/fitness and physical therapy.  He started “Next Level Sports Performance” thirteen years ago with some experience along the way as the assistant athletic trainer with the Denver Broncos.  Through his business, he and his team help people with traumatic injuries and help people extend their life.  He very vividly recalled the day when Terrell Davis blew his knee.  After surgery a week later and a lot of physical therapy, Jim realized that he would never get his career back, no matter what anyone did or helped him do. This let him to think about aging and exercise.
Some of his conclusions include:
  • The best books have yet to be written.
  • There are no quick easy fixes.
  • Moderations, Moderation, Moderation.
  • Push and pull in a rotating world.
  • Don’t let your brain win the battle
  • No pain No gain = No GAINS (pain is an indicator, moderator).
Jim totally understands peoples’ addictions to physical activity of all sorts, whether it’s golf, running, or 24/7 workouts.  Here are some of his observations, which are quite simple:
  • Be active at some level 4-5 days a week.
  • Injuries are a huge part of the equation; be sensitive;
  • Calories in/Calories out
  • Bounce around – different types of exercises; move around
  • Try the bracelet like Fitbit to keep track of your activity.
 Now,  some advice for activities around your LOWER extremities:
  • Do not do heavy deep squats
  • Lunge backwards
  • Modify ROM (range of motion) on extension – do 90-0 but for the last ten do 90-10.
  • Make balance dynamic
And, some advice for activities around your UPPER extremities:
  • Avoid Military press
  • Avoid dips
  • Avoid wide pull ups (keep them narrow)
  • ½ ROM on Press
  • Keep arms below head
What about Jim’s philosophies about exercise?
  • The Broncos team spends 7-hours/week exercising.  Consider this schedule versus the general schedule for your kids in sports who spend on average 30 hours/week.  This schedule for kids needs to be changed.
  • Use a heavy-duty rubber band for lower extremities workouts (work straight leg out to the side around; walk to the side; stick it)
  • Use a heavy rubber tube with handles on upper extremities workouts (walk backwards; walk forwards – OR walk to the right with slight squat; X walks: walk left to right, right to left)
During final questions, Jim expressed strong concerns about how youth coaches are training kids.  His main concerns are about the long-term impact of significant injuries.  On a direct question about balance, Jim suggested that we should stand with our legs shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in the knees.  With the hands stretched out in front in a cross, you are strongly balances. 
President Sam thanked Jim for his presentation and presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
NEXT PROGRAM:  Pat Madison.   
Pat thanked all who attended the club meeting and reminded that the November 15 program will feature Mark Defee who will discuss Tonic Clonic Seizures.  Mark will tell us about the disruptive change in his life that led to his fascinating life study of facial micro- expressions.
President Sam ended the meeting with a thought for the day from former Vie President Dan Quail: This election is about who is going to be President of the United States.