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Recap of May 23, 2017, Meeting
President Pat Madison welcomed all to the May 23, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4-Way Test was postponed until the induction of new members.
  1. Mary Ann Bleyle is Rev. Don Bleyle spouse (and a saint!)
  2. Judy Griebling is PDG Diane Knight’s long-time friend and roommate from college. 
President Pat Madison opened up a club special meeting to introduce/vote on President-Elect Greg Elliott’s board, as follows:
            Treasurer – Jim Halderman
            Community Service – Allen Gregory
            Vocational Service – Jerry Lovejoy
            Membership – Pat Madison
Rotary Foundation — Tom Hughes
Club Service/Sargent-at-Arms – Rick Hebert
International Service – Barbara Conder & Linda Kiser
Grants Coordinator – Michele Barnes
At the end of the introductions, Jim Smith moved and Steve Jensen seconded the nominations.  The membership voted by acclamation to accept the incoming leadership team. 
  1. Sam Allen said that we are coming into the home stretch, exactly month away from the tournament.
    1. Golfers – Jim McGuigan shared that we now have between 45-50 golfers, and the team would like to double that number.  Can you help?
    2. Auction Items – Sandy updated everyone and asked for more “stuff” for the silent auction. Please bring it as soon as you can so her team can get them wrapped and staged.
    3. Sponsorships Jim Malone explained that these are one of the biggest parts of the tournament.  Currently we are couple short from last year so we could use more at which point the following members raised their hands to be included.  Thanks, Jim Smith, Eileen Schurmann, and Tom Pott!!  We are at last year’s level!!
    4. Volunteers are needed on the day of the Golf Tournament.
    5. Two (2) Holes in One Sponsors!  Empire Nissan has put up a 2017 Nissan Rogue for a hole in one at hole #17.  The other “hole in one” prize is a Pebble Beach vacation!  Sharpen up your skills!
  2. Linda Diederichsen updated folks about the peach committee.
  3. Jim Halderman reviewed some of the organizations that the club supports through the proceeds from our various fundraisers (including our golf tournament!)  This week’s listing includes the Golden Rescue Fund ($1k/year), Neighborhood Rehab Program ($5k/year as well as hands-on help), Golden Civic Foundation (annual bronze sponsorship at $500), the Golden Backpack Program ($4k/year), and the Golden Visitor Center ($500/year).  It’s always good to invest in our community!
  4. Greg Elliott reminded club members that the Annual Banquet is coming up on Thursday, June 15.  We hope to have a short program that reviews the club’s accomplishments of the last Rotary Year, what to look forward to in the year to come, celebrating some worthy individuals, and, as always, having some social time and a lot of fun.  Please bring a guest. Here is the link to sign up.  Make your selections and then insert the code “rcmem”.
  5. Pat Madison announced   today is the last day for nominations for Rotarian of the Year (send to Pat) and Service Above Self (send to Greg) awards.  Also, our monthly board meeting is Thursday, May 25, and will be at Golden Guaranty Bank.  Let Pat know if you have anything for the agenda.  Jim Halderman is a candidate from our district for the RI Council on Legislation.  Each Rotary Club has one-vote/50 members.  We’ll get two (2) votes.  Pat invited Jim Halderman to explain the role/function of the Council on Legislation and how it impacts/guides all activities of Rotary.
  1. Steve Jensen is very pleased that his daughter, Molly, graduated from CU, and is on a road trip, returning from San Francisco by way of the Grand Canyon. Also, he successfully completed a vehicular homicide trial last week, with the defendant going to prison from 48 to 200 years.
  2. Jamie Sheridan gave up $2 “happy bucks.” The first for his wife’s birthday on Friday (he noted that she is always “older” than Jamie!).  BTW, a friend commented to Jamie that he didn’t know that Jamie’s daughter worked for him!  So, in honor of her birthday, they went to dinner at Abejas and then to Miner’s Alley Playhouse to see Cabaret, which was outstanding. He encourages everyone to get tickets while you can.  His second “happy buck” is in honor of his/Julie’s 20th anniversary.  They are taking a trip to celebrate!  Happy anniversary, you two, and have fun! 
  3. Mike Bestor gave up three “happy bucks.”  The first for having been in Santa Fe; the second for having completed a 50 mile bike ride; and the third because he beat Joan to the finish line!
  4. Leo Matheo’s “happy buck” is in honor of all those show showed up for opening night of CabaretHe is so thankful to all.  He is also excited about their pending vacation to New Orleans with his wife/family/neighbor!
  5. Jim McGuigan was thankful to the women of Golden Rotary for helping his wife celebrate their 41st anniversary the nigh before while he stayed home drinking beer and watching hockey.  Seriously, he is very happy to celebrate 41 years with Betsy Thorpe.  Happy anniversary, you two!! 
  6. Mic DeMin shared that was an adult “counselor” for a weekend fun/retreat for 32 kids.  They rented two cabins with rooms that each had a bathroom.  Good choice!  During the night the kids began to get sick…al through the night!  Even his kids were sick.  Not a totally fun weekend!
  7. George Mamalis gave a very “happy buck” in honor of his/Leslie’s trip to Vancouver, B.C. where she had a conference.  In fact they ended up taking the “good weather” with them and provided folks with the first sunny day is 6 months.  What a beautiful, wonderful city
  8. George Mitchell announced that he just finished submitting the documentation for 6 outstanding Golden High School nominees to attend RYLA this summer.  Also, three Golden H.S. sisters (senior, Sydney, junior Makena, and freshman Haley) were written up in the May 20, 2017, sports section of the Denver Post.  They made their mark on the basketball court last winter, helping guide the Demons to their first Class 4A JeffCo League title in nearly a decade.  Now, the trio is leading the way on the golf course.  Maybe some “ringers” for our golf tournament?  I recall the last time we had someone from the Golden H.S. golf team; he made a hole-in-one and won a car! 
  9. John Hermanussen  announced that he had good news/bad news.  First the bad news:  He lost his case.  Yet, his good news is that he found several business opportunities along the way, including a business management he called “the lease police.”  What a great attitude, John.  Lemonade, huh?
FUN QUESTION: Rick Hebert 
What’s the worst vegetable to have on a ship?  A “leek”!
Judy Griebling pulled Larry Hall’s number but Larry did not pull the right marble!  Got a Rotary tote bag as a consolation prize!
PROGRAM:  Sandy Algermissen
Sandy Algermissen had the privilege of introducing today’s speaker, Diane Kessel Knight.  Diane was an active and engaged member of Golden Rotary from 1994-2006.  In 2004-2005 she became the second woman chosen to be a District Governor for District 5450, and the first District Governor from our Golden club.  She left us for a very valid reason, marrying Fort Collins Rotarians Paul Knight.
Diane is a third-generation Rotarian, having become a Rotarian in Texas in 1990.  Since then she continued in Rotary in a variety of clubs, having served as President of two of the clubs.  Among her many distinctions, Diane led a Group Study Exchange Team to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1998, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for a hospital in Tanzania, and is the “mother” of the first Young RYLA program for middle school students.  IN 2002 he received the Service Above Self Award, Rotary International’s highest honor.
When not working in Rotary, Diane is a leadership coach and consultant.  She loves to play golf, ski, and travel with her husband, Paul.  The birth of their grandson, Julian, 15 months ago in California, has become the focal point of their lives.
Diane exclaimed how happy she was back in her Rotary home of Golden but thought she was in a time warp:  President is Pat Madison, Jim is treasurer, and Larry Fike is club secretary!!  After great laughter, she then shared some of her own history with Rotary, following in her father’s footsteps moving through the ranks as a club president and then District Governor.  Diane then reviewed the history of women in Rotary, which goes back to 1911:
  • 1911 -- Women formed the Minneapolis Women’s Rotary Club, using the early classification principle of Rotary of one woman in every profession could join.  The object of the club was to “promoted sociability among the businesswomen and to work for business advantages.” 
  • 1923 -- While Rotary resisted anything with the name Rotary in it, trying to protect the brand, nonetheless the concept of “Rotary Ann” was born when the wife of a Rotarian in Manchester, England, organized the “Inner Wheel” made up, originally, entirely of Rotary spouses.  Other than in the U.S., the organization took off.  Presently it is in 103 countries with more than 103,000 members.
  • 1949 – A Rotary Club in India proposed deleting the word “male” from the Standard Club Constitution, and it was rejected.
  • 1964 -- An enactment allowing the admittance of women into Rotary was voted down by convention delegates, as were other enactments over the years.  But with each Council on Legislation between the 1970’s and 1980’s, resolutions to allow women into Rotary got closer and closer to passing.
  • 1977 – Something extraordinary happened.  The Rotary Club of Duarte, CA, invited three women to join their club.  As the story goes, when the President told the District Governor they had three new female members, the DG only asked that the paperwork to RI only use their initials instead of their first names.  But it was a hard secret to hide, and when Rotary figured out what was going on, they pulled their charter as being in violation of the RC Constitution.  The Club re-named themselves the EX-Rotary Club of Duarte, continued to invite females into the club, and filed suit against Rotary in Los Angeles Superior Court.  So the long and winding road of court cases began.  But finally the voices were too loud to resist.
Diane then broke into song from “The History of Rotary” beginning with  “Hey there, pals….” And ending with “We’ll add class and sassafras to Rotary!”
  • 1987 – It seemed that the Supreme Court agreed and ten years after EX-Rotary Club of Duarte had invited its first three females, the Supreme Court voted 7-0 that Rotary was not a private club that could dictate its membership. Rather Rotary did have a business purpose under the public accommodation legal test and could no longer discriminate against women.  So Rotary brought he Duarte Rotary Club back into the fold and began admitting women in in 1987.
  • 1989 – The Council on Legislation voted to remove the qualification of “male” from the membership requirements.
  • 1991 – Then Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher did, indeed, become a Rotarian!
In terms of our own Rotary female “heroes,” Sylvia Whitlock, whom some of us heard from several weeks ago when she was in Golden, became the first woman president of a Rotary club in 1987.  She was quick to give credit to her sponsor, Dick Key, the superintendent of schools for whom she worked.
Because it is a Rotary requirement that you must be a Rotarian for seven years before becoming District Governor, the first women who could serve in that capacity was from 1995-1996 and either women were in the first class.  At the highest level of the organization, PDG Carolyn Jones from Alaska served as the first female member of the Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees in 2005, and finally, a French woman, Catherine Noyer-Riveau was elected to the Board of Directors for 2008-2010, followed by the first American woman, Betsy Demarray.  In 2013, Anne Matthews from South Carolina became the first female Vice President of the Board of Directors, appointed to that role by RI President Ron Burton.  And, as more and more opportunities come along for women to take Senior Leadership roles in the organization, Diane said she has no doubt that we will eventually see a female President of Rotary.
Diane then called Colleen Jorgensen to come forward to share a little about the history of women in Golden Rotary.  Colleen reviewed the history of Golden Rotary, beginning with its charter on March 24, 1986.  In the spring of 1987 with the Supreme Court decision, the club began to plan.  In July 1987 Golden Rotary inducted local banker, Barbara Powers.  Other early women members include Betsy Thorpe (1991), Lisa Lang, Adele Emerson, Diane Kessel, Sandy Algermissen, and Regina Benson.  The women Golden Rotarians shared their most important/impactful experience in Rotary. 
Here are the women Golden Rotary presidents:
Adele Emerson (1992-1993)
Betsy Thorpe (1996-1997)
Diane Kessel (1998-1999)
Regina Benson (2000-2001)
Sandy Algermissen (2001-2002)
Eileen Schurmann (2005-2006)
Colleen Jorgensen (2007-2008)
Judy Orr (2008-2009)
Peggy Halderman (2012-2013)
Linda Diederichsen (President 2018-2019)
Diane then invited “The Golden Girls” to come forward.  They serenaded all with a satirical song to the tune of “We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends.”  As the women then returned to their seats, Eileen Schurmann continued with some about the strength of Rotary.  It’s true that men initially didn’t universally accept women into Rotary.  It’s also true that the men of Rotary before this historic decision worked hard to develop the strength of the organization that we know today:
  • The growth of the organization from 4 to over 1.2 million professional men and women in over 200 countries.
  • The development of the five avenues of service.
  • The organization of The Rotary Foundation in 1917.
  • The initiation of the Youth Exchange program in 1927.
  • The formulation of the Four Way Test by Herbert Taylor in 1932.
  • Being at the table for the finalizing of the charter of the United Nations in 1945.
  • The establishment of Rotary Fellows for Advanced Study, Rotary’s first scholarship program, in 1947.
  • The development of the Council on Legislation, Rotary’s “parliament,” in 1970.
  • The commitment to eradicate polio worldwide in 1986.
Suffice it to say, the men of the organization are responsible for creating the solid foundation upon which we continue to grow today.  Eileen thanked the men of Rotary from all the women! 
In closing, Diane reviewed the broad history of women in Rotary, how the club moved from men only to including women, with some resistance, to including women at increasingly higher levels of leadership in our organization.  So, in hindsight, not matter what, it’s better all together!
Sandy closed the program with deep personal thanks to Diane for coming back and sharing some of her and Rotary’s history of women in Rotary.  She presented Diane with a certificate in her name to send a student to Outdoor Lab.
While the club will be dark the day after Memorial Day, we will return on June 6.   Our program will be Greg Dobbs discussing current international affairs including Russian, Middle East, and China.
President Pat closed the meeting with another quote from Will Rogers:  Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.