President Ed Gwozdz welcomed all to the July 26, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence for fallen officers, and the 4-Way Test.
VISITORS & GUESTS:                   
Greg Elliott welcomed the following guests and prospective new members:
Elise Tran (Mines Rotaract)
Andrew Becker (Mines Rotaract)
Cheyenne Footracer (Mines Rotaract)
Karl Sauer (formerly with Oil City Rotary Club, LA)
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What keys can’t open any door?  Why, a monkey or a donkey!
  1. Linda Dierderichsen – Finally got her car back from the dealer after 10 weeks and lots of repairs.  Thank Heaven it was under warranty!
  2. Russ Sindt –  In honor of Buffalo Bill Days weekend, we have two foursomes playing in their golf tournament.  We have an “injured reserve” player who needs some help.  Anyone want to join our team?
  3. Hassan Najjar – Foothills Art Center is trying to attract more Millennials with activities like “Art on Tap.”  You know:  some beer, some art.  What’s not to like?  Also, the exhibit “Fine Craft Invitational” runs through September 4.  More info HERE.
SOCKO:  Rick Hebert
Well, the “winner-loser” today is Jim McGuigan.  In honor of our “peach season,” Jim received a lovely French "peche" key/coin tray.  Don’t you just love theme-based consolation prizes?  Especially since Jim donated two of these just a few weeks ago!  (What goes around comes around, right, Jim?)
ROTARY SERVICE HUMANITY:  Mental Health Note:  President Gwozdz
“Mentalists Meeting” following this meeting.
  • Linda Diederichsen: PEACHES!  Coming in.  Get your emails out to your friends and on your neighborhood “site” (a/k/a “Nextdoor”)!  Buffalo Bill Days is this weekend.  Signup sheet is going around for this weekend.  They need a “hot spot” for the weekend to take orders.  We have all new banners that look great.  If you want to be in the parade, gather in your new t-shirts or Rotary shirts at 8:30 a.m. near the firehouse where the pancake breakfast will be help.  Alternatively, look for Rick’s new black truck that will tow the trailer somewhere along 11th Street. 
  • President Ed:  Golden Rotary Board meeting is this Thursday, 7:30 am, at Guaranty Bank in Golden.
  • Jim Halderman:  I will have a square with me at club meetings to take payments for dues, events, and softgoods.
  • Peggy Halderman:  If you haven’t picked up your t-shirt, see her after the meeting.
  • Eileen Schurmann:  Reminded members that there is an upcoming social on August 4 at 5:30 at the Arbor House with the Satellite folks.  It is a food drive for the Golden Backpack Program (bring a breakfast item such as packets of oatmeal or Carnation Instant Breakfast, or small boxes of cereal).  Also, sign up to bring a potluck dish to share.
  • Greg Elliott:  As for a quick golf tournament meeting after the club meeting.
PROGRAM: Scott Brown
Scott Brown introduced Kristina Sampson. As a cancer survivor, she will present the "Vail Diet to Wellness."  She has also authored "Leave Cancer in the Dust: 50 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Supercharge Your Health.”  Kristina is certified in Integrative Nutrition.  For more information go to her website: 
Kristine Sampson was 25 years old in 1990 when she learned that she had a cancerous tumor on her spinal cord.  She faced it, moved through surgery, and bounced back on her feet and moved to New York City for a new job and new opportunities for adventure.  In 2005 she moved to Vail to be with her now husband, enjoying the mountains and lifestyle.  In 2007 she heard the dreaded news that she had cancer again.  This time, Triple Negative breast cancer, a not so common form that is very aggressive.  After being told that there was nothing she could do about it, she decided to change her attitude and take a more empowered approach.  She began researching, evaluating, and learning, taking classes in all sorts of “ologies” that led her to a better understanding of the role of food, nutrition, exercise, and healthy living.  
Along the way she learned from an MD Anderson study in 2008 that 90-95% of cancers are tied to lifestyle and/or the environment.  30-35% are tied directly to diet; 25-30% to smoking, and the balance to a combination of lack of physical activity, exposure to environmental toxins, and infections.  Only 5-10% are tied to genetic issues.  This understanding led Kristine to a better approach to eating and living.  She put these lessons learned into a book called The Vail Diet.  The four major areas of concentration are:
  1. Nourish Your Body.  This is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  What does it mean?  Minimize your intake of refined sugar.  (Sugar feeds cancer cells.)  Maximum number of teaspoons per day for man = 9; for a woman = 6. Easiest way to manage this?  Stop drinking sodas, energy drinks, and fruit juice.
  2. Exercise/Move.  Natural Killer (NK) cells are nourished by this. Most important thing you can do is increase your movement.  Get up from your chair once an hour.  Park farther away from an entrance.
  3. Heed & Improve Your Habitat & Environment.  Think about what toxins are in the water you drink, the food you eat, and the products that you use to clean your home and office.  Find a good water purifier (Berkley, made in Colorado, runs about $300.).  Think about replacing your shower head with a purifier (Amazon has them).  For cleaning she uses a cheap vodka.  Alternatively, use diluted white vinegar.
  4. Find Your Bliss.  If you are not working in your area of passion, then you are experiencing stress.  Stress brings on “cortisol” which does nasty stuff to you and your system.  One easy method to reduce your stress is a measured breathing exercise:  Breathe in on 4, hold for 7, and blow out on 8.  Find other stress reducers such as yoga, meditation, or exercise.
The following issues were posed to Kristina:
Q – Does obesity play a role in cancer?  Yes, some cancers are sensitive to weight issues.  Staying at healthy weight is a good preventative strategy.
Q – What about using an artificial sweetener?  “Good sweets” are in such foods as fruit and a little honey.  Artificial sweeteners are not healthy and actually work against what you are trying to do.
Q – Does juicing help in any way?  Fresh juicing with a ratio of 80% vegetables to 20% fruits is ok.  But bottled juices fall more into the category of lots of sugars.
Q – What about grapes in liquid form (a/k/a, wine)?  Generally alcohol is far more dangerous than we realize.  Body fat holds more sugars.  It can raises the risk of breast cancers. 
Q – Is it important to use sunscreen?  If so, what do you recommend.  Yes, sun screen is very important if you are going to be out in the sun more than 30 minutes.  Go to the following website to help you figure out what sunscreen (or other products) is effective and safe: deep.
President Ed thanked Kris Sampson for her presentation.  He presented her with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary. 
NEXT PROGRAM:  Greg Elliott
Greg thanked our guests, reminded members of upcoming events, and asked Scott Brown to tell us about the upcoming program.  Scott shared that our next program will be August 2 and will be brought to us by Richard J. Bryan, author of Being Frank about common sense leadership
President Ed closed the meeting with, “Have a GREAT week!”