President Kevin Nichols welcomed all to the January 3, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4-Way Test was postponed until the induction of new members.
  1. Linda Diederichsen announced a Youth Service Committee meeting following next week’s club meeting.
  2. Jerry Lovejoy reminded members that the EIB committee meeting will be this Thursday, 7:30 in Pat Madison’s office
  3. Peggy Halderman asked all members who want a new polo shirt with the updated logo should sign up on the order sheet that is going around.
What is the most worldwide use of cow hides?  To cover the cows!
  1. Colleen Jorgensen gave a happy buck in celebration of walking without a cane for next 3 weeks (till her next knee surgery)!
  2. George Mitchell announced that Mines Men’s Basket Ball have an 11/3 season thus far.  Looking great.
  3. Linda Diederichsen announced her deep love for her husband.  When her vacuum finally appeared to “die,” she was thrilled with the prospect of getting a new version that actually picks up pet hair.  Then HE fixed it.  Next, over Christmas her washer and dryer went on the blink.  Again, thrilled with the possibility of getting new machines, her hopes were dashed when he fixed the washing machine.  She got a consolation prize of a new dryer, which is on its way. 
  4. Russ Sindt gave a happy buck and asked: Is there anyone here whose alma mater did NOT play a bowl game this past weekend?  After all, there were only 42 bowl games! Seems like Michelle Barnes did was the only one with that privilege!
  5. Jim Halderman announced that we’re about to go into the 3rd quarter and that he has his “square” with him in case anyone would like to pay their dues with a credit card!
John Hermanussen’s number was called, but, sadly, he didn’t pull the right marble.  He did get an eyeglass cleaner or cell-phone “poncho” as a consolation prize!
PROGRAM: Kimra Perkins 
Kimra Perkins introduced herself as an Evergreen Rotarian with a day job of managing Colorado Mills complex and serving as a pastor and hospice chaplain for an assisted living facility.  When not serving others in so many ways, Kimra thrives in sharing and teaching the powerful tools of Covey’s 7 Habits.  Today, her program is about:  Why Effective Habits Are THE Key To Achieving Your Goals, or, How Can I Realize My New Year's Resolutions in 2017 When I Have Not Been Successful In The Past.
About 25 years ago, Kimra was a new general manager of a super-regional shopping center development district in Hilo, HI.  Early on in her tenure, she was greeted by three local Rotarians came in and asked to meet a “Kimra Perkins.”  Their faces fell when they realized that she was a….woman!  They excused themselves for about 20 minutes and then returned and announced that they would like her to come to lunch anyway.   After all, their classification system was clearly in need of some diversity (at least in gender).  Why?   This Hilo Rotary Club had been around for more than seven decades and, with Kimra’s presence, had a grand total of 2 women.  So, Kimra set about learning all she could about Rotary till one day some of the club members noted that she looked exhausted.  She had been working about eight hours per week…in the middle of paradise.  A maintenance mechanic noted, “You are the busiest person I know, and the least happy.”  So, she decided to find out what would make her the happiest person she could be.  She came across a book:  7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It changed her life, and she soon became a facilitator for the program, more than twenty years ago.
So, every year people make “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Yet, only 12% succeed.  Why?  Because the underlying motivation (the “why” of your goal) is not compelling.  Your goals need a very, very strong “WHY” in order to move forward with success.  So, consider these three steps:
1.              Identify a worthy goal, one deeply meaningful to you.
2.              Beginning with the end in mind, evaluate and develop an action plan.
3.              Put first things first as you work through this plan.
As you evaluate and develop an action plan, understand that the true essence of action rests in the intersection of knowledge, desire, and action.  How can you identify it?  Seek out “experts” (could be a person, a book, or video, any resource that you find valuable).  Learn from your expert resource.
As you ponder setting new goals for the new year, you may be drawn to an idea that a “New Year” has real power.  Actually each new day, when the sun rises, has real power.  You can embrace the power of a new day each and every day.  
If you would like to have a conversation with Kimra, she is available for coffee as a coach or a friend to help with a tune-up or just to chat.  She is at her happiest when she serves others.  It’s part of her mission/passion to help people with how they spend their time.  Give her a call on her cell (or text her) at 303-819-9149.
Scott Brown announced that our next program will be presented by Rebecca Barth about how to "Renew Your View," a different New Year's message.  
President Kevin closed the meeting and wished all a very happy holidays!  Have a wonderful week and a great New Year!