Recap of January 17, 2017, Meeting
President Kevin Nichols welcomed all to the January 17, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4-Way Test was postponed until the induction of new members.
  1. Wendy Renee – Wendy is both a member of Golden Lions club but also is a local lending located at 12th and Washington.
  2. Tom Basil – Tom’s business is relocating to the Golden area so he decided to check out the community and the local Rotary Club.
  1. George Mamalis:  Reminded members that February 9 is the annual fundraising event benefitting the Golden Rotary Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.   “Rotary Has a Heart” event will be Westwood Estates at 72nd Indiana Street at 6 p.m.  Bring your favorite chocolate and beverage to pair it with. People will “bid” for “people’s choice.”  Tickets will be 6/$5.
  2. Jerry Lovejoy:  EIB event is scheduled for May 5.  The nomination process is under way and we encourage everyone to consider nomination a “for-profit” and/or not-for-project business.  They need to live, work, and/or play in Jefferson County.  Just provide the EIB Committee with the name/contact information of whom you’d like to nominate.  They’ll take it from there.  All nominations are due February 12.
  3. Eileen Schurmann:  Russ and Eileen had their own happy hour on Friday night at New Terrain to discuss our next social.  So here it is:  Thursday evening, January 19, at the Trail Head Tap House and Kitchen at 811 -12th Street about 5:30 pm.
  4. Steve Jensen:  Jeffco Citizens’ Academy has a 12-week course beginning February 28.  It is on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  You will learn about the criminal justice system, what goes on, and other interesting topics.  Interested?  Contact Steve Jensen and he’ll give you all the details.
Larry reviewed his history from childhood on the east side of Detroit, growing up with five siblings.  While they were poor, they all got a great education in Catholic schools.  Both of his sisters became nuns, while one brother became a police officer and the other ran a machine shop and became a multi-millionaire.  Larry was the only son to go to college where he studied accounting and became a CPA.  In his first marriage, he fathered two sons.  In his second married, he and Linda were blessed with a son, Tim, and daughter, Jillian.  His son got an MBA at Duke, and his daughter graduated from CSU.  Jillian was hired by DaVita, where she works in “mergers and acquisitions” at DaVita.  His son works with Leprino. 
Larry worked for 30 years in industry and has been on his own since 2009.  He is a CPA and is certified as an internal auditor and fraud in a variety of industries.  He has managed from 3 to more than 200 people and has worked with the auto industry, mining, aerospace industry, and county government.  Larry has been in Rotary for 22 years and has served in a variety of positions including the Golden Rotary Foundation, PETS, and more recently as President of the Board of Directors for Foothills Animal Shelter.  Most important thing?  Rotary has brought him some of the best friends he has ever had in his life. 
Buttercups are yellow.  What color are burps?  BURPLE!
  1. Russ Sindt:  Kudos to the Applewood community.  It is now owned by the Prospect Recreation District according to the Golden Transcript.  Closing happened on December 20 and the cost $13.5m.  Between grants and a bond issue, the land was purchased from Coors.  Special recognition is due to Jim Zimmerman, a retired district court judge who worked so hard to make this happen.
  2. Greg Elliott:  Greg’s mother passed away ten days ago at age 81.  She traveled the world with her husband of 56 years.  He received a lovely note from President Kevin, which he appreciated, along with an intention to make a donation to Denver Hospice.  Greg expressed his appreciation to all.
  3. Hassan Najjar:  He was finally able to sneak out to the house while his wife and babies were sleeping!  Needless to say, he is happy to be back at work.  Their twins were born on November 22, one day early!  One is a rascal and one an angel. 
  4. Paul Haseman:  Went to a wonderful movie over the weekend:  Hidden Figures!  Go see it! 
  5. Larry Hall:  Jillian, his 26-year-old daughter, just bought her first condo.  Needless to say, Larry has been working on her condo for the past three days.  She is very excited.  Jillian had been gone for 6 years and then came back for the past sixteen months.  Now she is about to leave again!
  6. George MitchellGeorge announced that the Mine’s quarterback won the Heisman Trophy for Division 2 Football, the best football player in Division 2 football in the country.  Meanwhile, the Mines basketball team continues their winning streak of 14/3.  An example:  last week Mines won by a “narrow margin” against Western State -- 104-60!
Wendy pulled Jim Malone’s number, but, sadly, he didn’t pull the right marble.  He did get a Rotary tote bag.
Today’s program was presented by Jeff Swenson about “The Technology of How We Communicate:  Revolution vs Evolution.”  Jeff has been in the industry for over 36 years and has seen major changes in communication technologies over the years. 
Jeff began with a very detailed description of the communication industry since the 1800’s to show the growth and change in communication tools and technologies.  He showed the difference between the revolutionary technologies and the evolutionary consequences.  For example:
1961 – Fiber optics were introduced.  The consequence was to increase geometrically the data that is transmitted.  Over a copper wire, only 3,100 calls can travel while over one pieces of fiber optics there are in excess of 1,677,000 calls.
1983 – Cellular capability came about.  The consequence was to move from limited to unlimited wireless channels.
2002 – Cloud computing was introduced.  The technology changed the capability of a fixed location to virtual and unlimited capacity. 
Jeff then began to describe his business, which provides residential consumers with options to their landlines.  With this produce you can port the telephone number of your choice for $9.99/month.  If interested, check it out.
President Kevin thanked Jeff for his presentation and presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in his name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
Pat Madison thanked our visitors and reviewed the club announcements.  Pat then shared with members that next week’s program will be presented by Sarah Krivel about “Simpler Surroundings.”  She will tell us how decreasing clutter and greater organization can speed us towards our goals.
President Kevin closed the meeting with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.:  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”