President Kevin Nichols welcomed all to the January 10, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4-Way Test was postponed until the induction of new members.
  1. Tom Hughes introduced his wife, Linda Hughes.
  2. Jan Malone, Jim Malone’s wife, was also introduced. 
  3. Linda Kiser introduced Mike Thys, who grew up in Golden and recently moved back into town.  He is a real estate broker and is exploring service opportunities.
  1. President Kevin Nichols – Kevin shard with Golden Rotarians that 2017 is the 30th anniversary of women joining Rotary following a unanimous Supreme Court decision.
  2. Tom Hughes – As the Club Chair for the Rotary Foundation, Tom recognized Dt. Tom Pott with a Paul Harris Fellow Level 2 pin.  Next, Tom invited Jan Malone and Linda Hughes to come forward for special recognition.  In honor of all their selfless service during so many Golden Rotary activities – from the golf tournament’s silent auction to cooking and serving the residents of Canyon Gate for over nine years – each is being presented with a Paul Harris Fellow pin and certificate.  Next, Tom reminded members that Debra Deal of “Front Ranger” invited members to participate in International Women’s Day luncheon on March 8 at the Denver Marriott.  See the flyer for more details.
  3. George Mamalis – Reminded members that February 9 is the annual fundraising event benefitting the Golden Rotary Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.  It will be at Greg Elliott’s “community club house” and will be a chocolate pairing evening.  George also thanked Greg Elliott for landing a $2,800 grant from the Cub at Rolling Hills Foundation.  Bravo!
  4. Jerry Lovejoy:  Jerry reminded folks that the EIB Committee is still looking for a top sponsor. Sponsorship flyer is on the table.  Ideas?  Contact Jerry at  All companies appropriate for sponsorship.   Finally, there will be a meeting this Thursday in Pat’s office at 7:30.
  5. Linda Dierderichsen – Linda reminded folks that the Youth Services Committee will meet immediately following the club meeting.  Items for discussion include scholarships, RYLA, YRYLA, and Youth Exchange for next year.
  6. Russ Sindt Russ informed members that “Mac” McMichael passed away.  There will be a memorial on January 21 at the Evergreen United Methodist Church (3757 Ponderosa Drive) on Saturday, January 21st at 1:00 pm.
What can clap without any hands?  Thunder!
1.         Joan Osborne -- Joan thanked everyone for donating toys to The Miracle Shop.  It’s not possible to describe what went on when moms/dads saw everything they could choose from.  Joan could only imagine what Christmas morning was like when all the kids were opening their presents.
2.         Paul Haseman – Paul shared with the members that he thoroughly enjoyed the RI President’s dinner to raise money for PolioPlus on Saturday evening.  Then he remembered the role he played as a child in Ft. Belvoir where he was part of the beta test for the polio vaccine while in the 4th grade.  He noticed a pattern:  get 1 shot/get 1 lollipop!  So he immediately got back in the line for another lollipop.  That was, until his mother “got his attention.”  He believes the sound of that “attention” sounded vaguely like “whap-whap-whap”!
3.         George Mitchell – George announced:  It’s Mines Basketball time!  They took a trip further afield to Salt Lake City and upped their record 12/3 for the year.   Needless to say, they continue to do really well!
4.         Mic DeMin Mic and his family spent Christmas time with his mother/father-in-law on the road.  Spent New Years in Disneyland!  Now he knows why the Mouse gets all the money!  Well, as luck would have it, Mic decided to meet up with his family in Grand Junction on Sunday morning.  He waited for his family and had an opportunity to meet a homeless man.  Mic took him for coffee, to church, and then to breakfast.  Mic concluded that he, Mic, was the luckiest man on the planet for having the opportunity to spend time with this man who was homeless and blind.  He has such a great outlook on life!  Then he surprised his kids and helped his wife drive back home together.  It was an adventure.  Mic salutes all people who have the right attitude in life! 
5.         Pat Madison – Pat announced that his daughter Emily delivered his first grandchild!!!  Eli and mother are home and doing great!
6.         Jim Malone – Jim gave a “happy $59” in honor of being married to Jan (his Polish lady) fifty-nine years ago, and it’s still good!  Happy Anniversary, you two!
Mike Bestor’s number was called, but, sadly, he didn’t pull the right marble.  He did get a Rotary 4-Way Test pen, though
President Kevin Nichols and the Club Membership Team welcomed Mic DeMin (Mentor:  Mike Bestor) as our newest member of Golden Rotary.  Mic shared that he became a Rotary member of the Coal Creek R.C. in his 20’s.  Then life took over, and now that he is in his 40’s, he knows that we can do so much more together around the globe.  Mic’s business is Liberty Home Loans in Lewisville.  His wife and thee kids are the center of his life, and being a part of Golden Rotary is a proud to be part of such an organization that serves as a catalyst for good across the globe.  Welcome, Mic!
Rebecca Barth (property management; speaker/trainer about property management) presented a program entitled, “Renew Our View.”
Every summer Rebecca would travel from California to Michigan to visit her grandmother.  Visits were always fun and included trips to the racetrack to be on the horses.  Yes, her grandmother was a character – she was creative, loved to take risks – and she was an accountant!  Her grandmother was always up for anything new.  It was her grandmother who also taught her about change:  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4!  Think of it as the word “VIEW.”
  1. V: This letter prompts you to verify your perspective.  Is it really true?  Rebecca recalls introducing her 11 year-old son to “Wheel of Fortune.”  Now her son, Noah, is “Mr. Science.”   He really appreciates “facts.”  For example, when Vanna White “turned” the letter, he sighed.  “She doesn’t TURN” the letter.  She touches it.”  Indeed, over time technology has changed how this game is placed.  So, we need to really look at something and then verify our perspective.
  2. I: This letter asks us to identify with someone who is going through a difficult change. When she went through a divorce, she actually begged her boss to fire her for not doing what she should.  Yet he refused.  He pointed out that she had been “making deposits of goodwill” over a number of years.  He also pointed out that it was “ok” to make a withdraw.  So, identify with someone going through a change.
  3. E:  Then embrace the change.  You can either embrace or resist.  It will happen, so you might as well go with the flow.  For more insight, read “The War of Art” by Steve Pressfield.
  4. W:  When you make a change, then you win.  You can have a productive attitude.  When you don’t agree with it, there is a way to be productive.  Take it to people who can make a change, can help re-direct.  Positive attitudes are contagious.  Is yours worth catching?   
When you are looking at any change, you can always: 
  • Verify your perspective,
  • Identify with someone,
  • Embrace change, and
  • Make it a Win.
You may not embrace change like my grandmother, but with those 4 simple steps, you can make a change.
President Kevin thanked Rebecca for her presentation and presented her with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in her name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.
NEXT PROGRAM:  Scott Brown
Next week Jeff Swenson will talk about “How To Get Rid of Unwanted Calls.”  His business is called "Our Old Number". He will tell us about totally eliminating robo-calls and almost all live telemarketer calls through re-routing your landline to individual cell phones. He states that most (not necessarily those tied to Comcast, etc.) of his customers save money in the process.
CLOSING REMARKS:  President Kevin Nichols
President Kevin closed the meeting with a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “It’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.”