President Ed Gwozdz welcomed all to the August 16, 2016, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with the Pledge of Allegiance, an invocation by Dion Bleyle, and the 4-Way Test.
VISITORS & GUESTS:                   
Pat Madison welcomed the following guests and prospective new members:
  • Holly Makatura – former teacher, currently in in finance 
  • Paul Haseman (3rd meeting)
  • Karl Sauer (application pending)
  • Michelle Barnes (3rd meeting)
What is black when you by it, red when you use it, and gray when you’re done with it?  CHARCOAL!
  • Hogue took his granddaughter to see Mt. Rushmore.  Their visit just happened to coincide with a major motorcycle “convention.”  Upon seeing them, his granddaughter said: “I‘m shocked!”  (Gee, we wonder if she knows that her grandfather rides a motorcycle!)
  • Brian Richy and Teiko are waiting to see two of their sons, both of whom are on their way home for a visit.  While they’re glad to have two sons home, they had to go to Altoona, PA, over the weekend to watch their other son, John, pitch his baseball game.
  • Scott Brown announced, “You can run but you can’t hide!”  Scott took his wife to as far away a vacation spot he could find:  The top of a mountain in Costa Rica.  When he went out for a walk the first night of their stay, Scott encountered an “ex pat” who struck up a conversation and invited them to come over the next morning.  The ex pat warned Scott that his wife, Angela, could talk their heads off.  So, when they arrived and Angela took a look at Scott, she announced, “I know you!”  Taking off her sunglasses, Angela confirmed that she knew Scott in his professional capacity as a chiropractor dealing with neurological issues.  Indeed, Angela was one of Scott’s most favorite patients! Talk about a small world….! 
  • Peggy Halderman gave a happy buck for the many Golden Rotarians who showed up to help serve the residents at Canyon Gate this past Saturday.  Thanks to Jim and Jan Malone, Linda Hughes, Sandy Algermissen, Judy Orr, and Jerry Lovejoy for helping to serve 35 pounds of ribs, a gallon of homemade baked beans, grilled corn, homemade corn bread, salad, and ice cream.
  • Jim Smith writes a weekly column about the housing market. Generally it is broadly based.  However, this week’s column is all about Golden and its Fine Arts Festival, museums, and cultural exhibits.  It will show up in the Denver “YourHub” as well as Jefferson County “YourHub.”  In the Denver “YourHub,” the lead reads:  “If you think you like the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, you’ll LOVE the Golden Fine Arts Festival.”  Thanks for the advertising about Golden, Jim! 
  • Eileen Schurmann’s son, Karl, went to Pennsylvania to attend a musical festival (interestingly called “Peach Festival”).  He left his young dog, Willow, with Eileen.  Well, coping with their own dog (large breed) and Willow (also a large breed) has been a challenge.  She took both to the vets’ for procedures and then tried to wrangle them into being mellower!  Eileen survived but sure needs a rest! 
  • Linda Kiser and her family were on a long vacation last week, having completed over 4,000 miles to California and back with three teenagers.  (They survived!!)  While in CA, she attended a Rotary Club in Newport Beach.  Also, she finally “walked” to receive her doctoral diploma (after having formally graduated this past March).  Congratulations, Linda!!
  • Rita Smith gave two “happy bucks.”  She is back from a four-day convention with her business.  This past year she decided to cut back on her business activity so was very surprised to be recognized as #8 in the country for top selling.  Congratulations, Rita!!
  • Jamie Sheridan recently got to know Hassan Najjar a little bit better.  One thing Jamie is clear about:  He (Jamie) is NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan!  Gee, Hassan, was that really your Facebook post about your liking the Dallas Cowboys?????
SOCKO:  Rick Hebert
Holly picked out Jim McGuigan’s ticket!  Gosh, he’s lucky, but not THAT lucky!  Guess what, Jim.  You get a “peach tray” (AGAIN!!!!) 
  1. Linda Diederichsen reminded members and guests that the push for peaches continues.  We are almost at the date when we place our order.  Our goal is 2,500, and she finds orders for 1,200.  Need to sell more, Folks!!  Also, please sign up for the Fine Arts Festival and peach pickup date (August 27).  She’ll send out an email to remind everyone.
  2. Jerry Lovejoy mentioned to all that while October is Vocational Service month, an off-site meeting is scheduled for September 13 at Young AmeriTowne.  Breakfast will be at 6:45 am here at the Club at Rolling Hills and then carpool to Young AmeriTowne in Belmar.  Next week he’ll talk more about it.
  3. Greg Elliott  announced that sponsorships for the Golf Tournament are going well.  He reminded all that they are still looking for silent auction items.  Sandy Algermissen and her team remind all that the items need to be something that you would actually purchase!!  They’re magicians in making up interesting baskets!   
  4. George Mamalis reminded Golden Rotary Foundation Board members of the Board meeting immediately following the club meeting.
Scott introduced Mr. Brooke Chesnut with his program about “Millennials in the Workplace.”  Brooke has been building teams and leading organizations for 30 years.  He specializes in leveraging skill sets among the different generations with an emphasis on the expanding millennial generation.
Brooke announced the goal of his presentation was to share tools to foster communication within and among the various parts of today’s workforce as well as building relationships with them along the way.  First, though, a brief description of the various cohort groups:
  • Baby Boomers:  People born between 1946–1964.  These folks HAVE to work in order to replenish their retirement funds that were hit during the recession.  Along the way, they have discovered that they really do like what they are doing, so they stay.
  • Gen X’ers:  People born between 1964--1979.  This group is the most valuable because of their great work ethic and their level of talent.  This group is the smallest sector of the current population in the work force.  All they need?  A promotion, yet the Boomers are not leaving to allow movement of this group.
  • Millennials:  People born between 1979—1994.  This group is characterized by being eager and wanting folks to watch them “take on the world.”  One important characteristic is their willingness to “learn.”
  • Gen Z’s:  People born between 1994—today.  This group was in bassinets with smart-phones; in cribs with i-Pads, and is the most digitally “native” ever.  The oldest in this cohort group are between 20-21.  Their parents are either from Gen X or older Millennials cohorts.  Their total numbers surpassed the number of Boomers in the workforce about a year ago, and they are the most educated ever.  This group is anticipated to be the most impactful of all the groups and can be thought of as entrepreneurial, creative, visionary, flexible, eager, and restless.  However, they are tagged with an “entitlement” attitude, having received “trophies” for everything along the way.
So, are Millennials really that important?  They have already had a high impact on society because of their entrepreneurial and “take on the world” attitudes.  Since 2010 three multi-billion companies have been developed by Millennials:
  1. Instagram (purchased by Facebook purchased it for $1b and it’s worth today is $48b)
  2. Uber
  3. Air B&B
What do these businesses have in common?  Smart phones drive them all.  Brooke does not believe that the smart-phone will ever go away.  Rather he sees that it will only become more powerful and attached to individuals.
In fact, by 2025, he projects that 75% of the workforce will be Millenials, which can generate challenges and struggles between/among the generations.  How can you solve this and build relationships?  Work with their tendencies that include hiring them, training them, mentoring them, and then they leave for a new challenge.  By developing a mentorship program, the transition of knowledge from the older generation to the younger generations is really important.  Equally as important is a reverse mentorship program in which the Millennials work with more senior employees around technology.  Millennials can help folks stay more relevant by teaching them the tools and techniques of social media including Facebook Instagram, LinkIn, and Snapchat.  This allows Millennials to feel that they are valued and have purpose.
Once the older groups learn how to use social media, the more senior group should begin using the tool of “texting” to communicate real-time feedback to address Millennials’ need for consistent conversation.  Consider a text to a Millennial:  Got your report; looks great.  We’ll talk later.
How do you build connections between the various cohorts?  Use a “CUSPER.”  Working with your HR personnel, identify someone born on the cusp of two generations and who can work with both.  Such an individual has different “DNA,” adds value, seeks out each side and engages each side.  The CUSPER indeed is something who can lead youth while reporting to the company executive.  In essence, the CUSPER is the “glue” that holds it all together. 
President Ed thanked Brooke for his presentation.  He presented him with a certificate of appreciation, showing that funds are being donated in her name to support a student going to Outdoor Lab from Pleasant View Elementary.   BTW:  Brooke is looking for new Rotary Club…hoping he joins Golden Rotary!
NEXT PROGRAM:  Pat Madison 
Our next program, on August 23, 2016, will be Mr. Bryan Peck who will talk about persuasiveness in his talk "The Fired Up Business"
President Ed closed the meeting with, “Have a GREAT week!”