Rotary Club of Golden @ Rolling Hills Country Club
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
President Dan welcomed all to the 37th meeting on May 13th in the 28th year of the Rotary Club of Golden at 07:20 A.M. Opening prayer by Pastor Don Bleyle, Pledge by PP Judy Orr and 4-Way Test led by PP Steve Jensen. 
This is Rotary Education Month
Our Membership Chair   PP Pat Madison welcomed our guests – Tom Baker and Salli Baker, guests of Jim and Peggy Halderman.
Rotarian of the Month    . . .  Please stand with me and recognize Rotarian BOB RITTER as our Golden Rotary ROTARIAN OF THE MONTH for May!
  • District 5450 website - please update yourselves with the Abuse and Harassment Policy.
  • Tom Hughes reported that Nolan Farms peaches are alive and well – so far we are looking at a good crop from which to sell –sell –sell!!!
  • To H. also announced (with a bit more planning time for this fellowship) NEXT FELLOWSHIP:  “Barrel & Bottle”, 600 12th Street, downtown Golden (a new wine bar) serving Tapas and sandwiches and beverages.  Sounds good to me – how about you – See you at 5:30 PM or so on Wednesday, May 21st!!
  • Our Judy Denison had some Belize students needing sponsors for their school year.    Please take a look at the students and help where you can.
  • Jamie Sheridan announced we will be hosting an Exchange Student for the new school year.  Looking for at least three host families to keep Dora during her school year with Golden Rotary – please give us a hand with this great adventure.  Jamie Sheridan will be coordinating this effort for us – contact Jamie for further information.
Happy Bucks / SOCKO – Josh worked his magic again today (Grandparent Day) or so it seemed.   Judy and Dennis Orr celebrated their “umpteenth” anniversary with children and grandchildren – Eileen and Tom Schurmann were off enjoying their grandchildren – Rick Hebert and Kiki are grandparents as of last night!! – Sam Allen and Mindy celebrated their son’s recognition as a top student and athlete AND oldest Son and wife are now expecting – for yet another grandparent in the club – P.J. told us of her experiences trying to converse with Doug whilst he is working with a Potash Mine Project  in Ethiopia – some days are better than others – right Paulette?  Katka continues to do great things at good old Golden High School.  Jamie Sheridan piggybacked Mother’s Day with Julie’s Birthday for dinner – how did you get away with that Jamie??   ---   And Dean Clemons reviewed the good work of his Youth Service Group as Six YRLA and Five RYLA Students were selected to attend Rotary camp – along with academic awards given at Golden High
SOCKO ticket winner was drawn today by visiting guest Tom Baker and of all people – Katka was the winner/loser – receiving a Judy Denison home baked loaf of wheat bread.  Congratulations Katka!
Please welcome Gem Munro, a Director of Amarok Society, and a registered Canadian charity that provides education programs to the very poor in Bangladesh.  He has devoted his life and career to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across Canada and abroad. 
Pursuit of this objective carried him into residence in unfortunate communities across most of Canada before carrying him overseas.
Gem is an author and artist whose current book is a bestselling collection of stories about some of the extraordinary people he’s come to know in the slums of Bangladesh.  For their work, Gem and his wife, Dr. Tanyss Munro, have recently been named recipients of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.  The sale of Gem’s book is a major fundraiser for the Amarok Society - he has some with him today.
Gem captivated the Rotary Club with his experiences across Canada and in to living in “the worst slums” in Bangladesh.  Just fascinating how Gem and his wife and family moved in to and worked their way into the confidence of the administration, “slumlords” and the Muslim women of the slum families who accepted training and then became the teachers of their children in the surroundings of their “homes”.  This in a time when “slums are impenetrable” and outsiders are lucky to stay alive during initial visits to set the process in place – was absolutely astounding to watch the success of the project and the enthusiasm of the children and families where this transformation from no knowledge to the knowledge of reading writing and math!  I guess we had better purchase and read Gem’s book for the “scoop” on this wonderful transformation happening from within the families in Bangladesh!  Web:  will take you into the happenings and how to order Gem Munro’s book online.
Pat Madison: Thanked all for coming this morning - with Program reminders:
  1. May 20 - Tim Jackson, U.S. Automobile Dealer’s Assoc. President
Thought for Today --- “Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.”
Please remember to tell a member “you were missed” at today’s meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.