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Golden Rotary Club

Monday, August 14, 2017
Rick Hebert Hoots:
“How do Viking kids communicate?”   ─ Norse Code.
“Why are elephants not allowed on the beach?”   ─ Because their trunks fall down.
Speaker Cary Johnson, Crime Prevention Programs
Power Against Fraud. Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
“Identity theft is an easy crime to commit; very difficult to catch.” – Speaker Cary Johnson.
In 2016, more than 14 million people were affected by identity theft and this number is on the rise. 93% of all crimes committed were a direct result of offenders getting their hands on our information. The top ways identity thieves get info is through purse snatching, mail theft, dumpster diving, and E-mail “phishing”.  The other 7% happens in the wireless world.
Due to the multi-directional routes of major interstate highways in Colorado, Denver is the Hub of methamphetamine. The crime of choice for people involved in this drug is mail theft. Why? Because, it’s easy. You are more likely to be a victim of mail theft in Colorado, than any other city or state in the U.S.
We write checks for bills, drop those payments in the mailbox in front of our homes, raise the red flag on the side of the mailbox to alert the mailman there is outgoing mail, but what else have we done? We have alerted anyone watching there is outgoing mail and a good chance this includes information to steal. Or, maybe we are pre-approved for a credit card. ID thieves snatch the offers, change the physical address to mail the card back to them instead of us, and *Sigh*, a new credit card is issued to a fraudulent person and we don’t even know it happened. Another example, the courtesy ‘convenience’ checks that come from our credit cards, ID thieves can steal these and use anywhere in the world.
The thought of the repercussions and aftermath of identity theft is exhausting. Well, good news, there are proactive steps we can take to greatly reduce our risk of becoming victims.
For Fraud Prevention, ID Theft Prevention, and Computer Precautions:
  • Use a close-fitting pouch, instead of a purse or wallet.
  • Do not carry your Social Security card with you.
  • Deposit all outgoing mail at your Post Office rather than placing in your mailbox.
  • Use a shredder for all financial documents and sensitive information.
  • Establish a policy of not talking to strangers on the telephone, at your door, or on the street.
  • Sign up for the Colorado “NO Call” list.
  • Request those with whom you have established business relationships to put you on their “Do Not Call” and “Opt Out” lists.
  • Send a letter to the Mail Preference Service to remove your name from marketing lists.
  • Make an annual charitable giving plan and do not give to charities soliciting telephone or door-to-door.
  • Get three written bids before contracting for any home improvement and check out contractors with the Better Business Bureau and city building department.
  • Contact an attorney to discuss a Living Will and a Power of Attorney, to set up a system of checks and balances.
  • Don’t carry your checkbook in public.
  • If possible remove anything from your wallet with SSN, Medicare card, and/or military ID.
  • Don’t give any part of your SSN, credit card, or bank account to anyone unless you have initiated the contact.
  • Request a free copy of your credit report once a year.
  • Notify the credit reporting agencies of the death of a relative to block the misuse of the deceased person’s credit.
  • Call your bank and credit card customer service numbers to “OPT OUT” of ALL marketing programs, including ‘convenience’ check mailing. (“Opt Out” is the specific term to use.)
  • Call the Credit Card Offer Opt Out Line to reduce the number of credit card solicitations you receive.
  • Ask your bank or credit union to receive your box of new checks, rather than have them mailed to your home.
  • Do not keep your auto registration, insurance card, checkbook, receipts, or other identifying information in your car. Carry them in a secure manner on your person. Do not leave your car unlocked.
  • Check your earnings record at least annually and more often if you suspect your SSN has been compromised. Contact the Social Security Administration and ask for Form SSA-7004, Request for Earnings and Benefit Statement.
  • Never respond to E-mails requesting personal information.
  • Delete unknown or questionable E-mails without opening.
  • Use a reliable firewall.
  • Use a secure browser.
To report suspicious activity, please call: Jefferson/Gilpin DA’s Fraud Hotline: 303-271-6980
To receive a FREE copy of your credit report:
To request a complete guide, process on how to prevent ID theft, additional resources on how and what to do, please visit:
To contact Cary Johnson, 303-271-6970 or
Mic’s Corner:
Father Jerry, from Missouri visited. Guest of Jim Malone.
Induction of New Member, Austin Devoe
Austin Devoe, was inducted as a new Rotarian on 08/08/2017!
Austin accepted a position as Head Wresting Coach for the Colorado School of Mines (Golden) in July 2014. During Austin’s short time at the Mines, the team has posted the best dual record since 1960. Prior, Austin served as the Assistant Wrestling Coach at the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley).
DeVoe has also served as the National Team Coach for Kansas Junior National Wrestling Team, run his own wrestling camp for eight years, and was inducted into the Columbus Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Austin is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. There, he was named, “Outstanding Freshman Wrestler of the Year”.
Austin’s wife Shannon, is also a Coach at the Colorado School of Mines, for women’s soccer. They are brand new parents to a two-month old baby girl. Wonder what she will coach. Welcome to the Club!!
Upcoming Calendar:
  • Sat 08/19/2017: Peach Pick up Day
  • Sun 08/20/2017: Golden Fine Arts Festival
  • Tue 08/22/2017: Meeting will be held at Rolling Hills Country Club. There was some confusion, however meeting will be held at the normal spot! Our previous speaker George Brauchler, is unable to attend. However, a new speaker is scheduled, Christi Norfleet. Topic will be: “Updates about Foothills Animal Shelter.”
  • Tue 08/29/2017: Speaker will be James Bishop. Topic: “Bureau of Reclamation: Hydroelectric in Colorado.”
  • Tue 09/05/2017: CLUB IS DARK. Club will not meet the day after Labor Day.
Greg Elliott motivating take-a-way:
“We cannot help everyone. But everyone can help someone.”   ─ quote by Ronald Reagan