Rotary Club of Golden @ Rolling Hills Country Club
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
President Dan welcomed all to the 33rd meeting on April 1st – “April Fool’s Day” - of the 28th year of the Rotary Club of Golden at 07:25 A.M.
Opening prayer by Pastor Don Bleyle, Pledge by Larry Hall and 4-Way Test led by PP Steve Jensen
This is Rotary Magazine Month
Our Membership Chair   PP Pat Madison welcomed Shannon Hancock (today’s speaker) to our meeting this morning.
Rotarian of the Month    . . .  I have the pleasure of introducing our Rotarian of the Month for April!  -- This Rotarian joined Golden Rotary on November 15, 2011 and literally hit the road running ever since.  The good eye of AG PP Sandy Algermissen spotted a winner by helping to bring in this Golden Rotarian.  Helping to set up Rotary events, Christmas Toys, Red Badge Rotarians new to our Club, or just being there when we ask for help - It is time we honor the “service above self” Rotarian of Golden Rotary - please stand with me and recognize Rotarian JOAN OSBORNE as our Golden Rotary ROTARIAN OF THE MONTH for April!
  • EIB update -- Jerry / Sponsors and ticket sales.  Golden Rotarians can go on line and order their tickets.   Member tickets are $23.00 with the code  (RCGM) - next tickets ordered are $35.00 each
  • Foundation and Polio Eradication (2 to 1 match) “investment” time
  • Frank Darrow – Per Don Bleyle - Thursday meals are always free, so a Thursday visit--breakfast, lunch, or dinner--will work. You tell Don you are planning to come over, and they will set up a table in a quiet corner for you. Frank is 87 now and his lapse of memory drives him crazy!  However, we found it very easy to visit with him, and needless to say, he enjoys the company.  If the Golden RC can create a visitation team of four or more, they could take turns visiting with Frank once a month. Set this up with Pastor Don  ----The Courtyard (Holiday Retirement), 7100 W. 13th Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214     Contact: Alisha Mack (She is one of two managers on site)
  • Kacie Wolverton, Colorado School of Mines, & Pres. - Engrs. W/O Borders. They visited GRC and spoke last month – they are having a silent auction (authentic Nicaraguan items), smoked pig BBQ lunch and local beer (for 21+) Saturday, April 19th from 12 to 2 PM on the Mines Campus at Friedhoff Hall, Green Center.   21+ is $30.00 admission go to or RSVP .
  • District Conference May 2nd to May 4th @ Convention Center – Hotel is Embassy Suites if you want to stay there
  • District 5450 website - Please update yourselves with the Abuse and Harassment Policy as it pertains to working with our youth activities/events!
  • Do not forget – Trash Man Jim Malone and his “Dumpster Divers” are on duty on S. Golden Road this coming Saturday (5 April) from 9:00 AM till completed.  Thanks for your help!
  • Doug Hambley presented a Club Banner and Club Lanyard from the Kenya Rotary Clubs visited on his trip to work with the Boulder Rotary Club on a school and sanitation project in Kisumu, Kenya.  Good work Doug!!
Classification Talk   Don Hogue reported that he too, was born and grew up --- and went to Central Kansas College after working various jobs like a tractor driver, where he saw no real future.  Don then spent two years in Montana in the US Air Force.   From there Don went to College in the big city ofChicago where he married his wife during his first year of Dental School.  Don described his wife’s like for hot dogs – finding them in restaurants one would not expect to find a hot dog – like Subway!  Two children – one working with Special Needs Children and his second son works in the Tech Industry.  Don studied Pediatric Dentistry and made that his work because he likes children.  Golden Rotary is Don’s third Rotary Club in his life.
Happy Bucks / SOCKO – Steve Jensen and his family are back from Florida.  They took Katka along with them and all had a great time.  Tyler Freeman’s parents are spending some time at the beach in North Carolina after Mom retired from her job helping kids.  Eileen’s oldest daughter is expecting and we all are praying for her baby to be well.  Doug Hambley brought us up to date on his travels to Kenya and was happy to be able to attend Rotary today as opposed to being on a conference call with his Potash project in Ethiopia.
SOCKO winning ticket was drawn by our returning Katka; with the winner/loser/loser today being our PP Russ Sindt.  Judy Denison was waiting for the bread to rise – so Russ must wait till next week to receive his fine loaf of freshly baked bread.  
PP Peggy Halderman introduced our speaker, Shannon Hancock, Executive Director of the Outdoor Lab Foundation.  The Outdoor Lab was introduced to us by a great video showing JEFFCO students in action on location in the Windy Peak area at Mount Evans.  School children are learning our lands and forests in the great outdoors during a one week adventure during the school year.  They learn new sports, teamwork and leadership along with math and science and astronomy subjects and have fun doing it!  This is 5 days and 4 nights in the outdoors all the time.  The Outdoor Lab has been with the JEFFCO School District for 57 years –one of 13 left in the country.  Two sites here for JEFFCO students: Evergreen Area and Windy Peak off 285.  Six thousand four hundred 6th graders attend each year.  The Foundation was founded in 2003 as there was a sense of losing money to fund the project and would not be going much longer.  In 2011 the Foundation raised $450,000.00 to keep the program going and after Shannon’s overview of the Outdoor Lab and what it accomplishes in the lives of our JEFFCO 6th Graders we feel it is an extremely worthwhile venture.  Thank you for this wonderful presentation Shannon!
Pat Madison: Thanked all for coming this morning - with Program reminders:
  1. April 8, 2014 – A Deputy Chief from the West Metro Fire Department
Thought for Today --- “Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the Rest to GOD.
Please remember to tell a member “you were missed” at today’s meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 am.