Jun 04, 2019
Peter Ewers, Ewers Architecture
Net Zero Energy

Ewers Architecture, a Golden-based business, is dedicated to pursuing sustainable design and we believe that Net Zero Energy (NZE) should be our focus for all projects.  Therefore, beginning on Earth Day 2019, Ewers Architecture will focus exclusively on new clients who are interested in pursuing Net Zero Energy.

Ewers Architecture is an adopter of the AIA 2030 Challenge, to create Net Zero Energy projects by the year 2030.  However, we believe that the knowledge and technology exist now, and there is no need to wait, especially for residential and small commercial projects.  While large commercial projects may not be able to attain NZE status yet, small and medium sized projects such as those designed by Ewers Architecture can and should pursue NZE designs.  We look forward to a near future where even large projects can pursue this level of sustainability.

Ewers Architecture defines Net Zero Energy as a building using only electricity as the energy source, with on-site production of electricity equaling the annual building usage.

We recognize that some projects do not include new exterior construction or upgrade of mechanical systems, and therefore could not qualify as NZE designs.  Ewers Architecture will continue to pursue sustainable materials and methods to the extent possible on these projects.

We encourage all design firms to pursue sustainable designs to the maximum extent possible, and we welcome dialogue and collaboration as we work together to stem global warming and ensure a positive future for all.