Speaker Date Topic
OFF-SITE (ORIGIN HOTEL): Bethany Thomas Jan 21, 2020
Golden "Food Assessment"

Bethany Thomas is a Deacon, Calvary Episcopal Church, and Leader of Hunger Free Golden (community collaborative) focused on ending hunger in the Golden community.

Bethany will speak about the food survey that was done in Golden to assess the level of need and food security in our Golden Community

OFF-SITE MEETING (ORIGIN HOTEL): Tyson Noeth Jan 28, 2020
Golden Backpack Program Update

The Golden Backpack Program.  An update on the program that we started a decade ago and the new Board President, Alison Jolin Stafford, will be introduced.



yson Noeth [Executive Director]

Golden Backpack Program Inc. (500,000 + Meals and Counting) and New GBP Executive Director.

Alison Stafford is the Board President for the Golden Backpack Program. She also has her own social media marketing business and loves living in Golden with her husband and 2 year old twin boys. Engaging in the community brings her great joy and reinforces her belief that we’re stronger together.

Tyson Noeth has been the Executive Director of the Golden Backpack Program for a year and a half.  He was given the ULTIMATE task of filling Peggy Haldermans shoes once she stepped away from the program. Tyson knew it was going to be a challenging task to take over for Peggy, he just didnt know that most difficult task of the program was going to be babysitting Rick Herbert as a Board Member....  

Mayor Laura Weinberg, City of Golden Jan 28, 2020
The Mayor's First Term Vision for Golden

Mayor Weinberg will share her vision for her first term as Golden's new Mayor.

Kris Boggs, Adult Protection Lead Caseworker Feb 04, 2020
Adult Protection Services in Jefferson County

Adult Protection Lead Caseworker 

Andy Lenec Feb 11, 2020
The Power of The Peace Corps & Rotary

Andy Lenec is a 30 year Rotarian and a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer.  He is a member of Denver Lodo Satellite Group.

Andy's project in Ukraine was to work with District 2232 Leadership to create a much needed RYLA program, albeit with an international perspective. The inaugural conference took place in July of 2019, and planning is well underway for RYLA Ukraine 2020. Here’s a link with a bit more background: https://www.partneringforpeace.org/articles/the-genesis-of-ryla-in-ukraine-a-beautiful-partnership. Partnering for Peace is an organization that was started by local Rotarian and personal hero of mine, Steve Werrner. I've asked for and am getting great support from DG Curt Harris, RYLA registrar Dave Amon, and a number of other influential Rotarians who recognize the potential of creating collaborative partnerships between Rotarians and Peace Corps Volunteers for the purpose of promoting peace through youth development. One of the goals I am discussing with our local RYLA leadership is to send three or four experienced Junior Counselors from our District to assist with the planning and conducting of the new program in Ukraine. It took three years for this project to come to fruition, but the results and the momentum are a great story.

Jim Halderman & Tom Baker Feb 18, 2020
Peacemaking 101

Tom Baker and Jim Halderman were selected as 2 out of 20 "peace activators" from both the US & Canada to attend athree-day seminar in Ontario CA.  This is part of a new RI initiative to begin bringing a serious peace process into existence.  Rotary, in combination with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), realizes we still have a society questioning the real possibility.  This program is designed to instruct the average citizen what can be done and the tools to make it happen.  We will share key points from the training as well as an overview from the subsequent Rotary Peace Conference.

Len Matheo Mar 03, 2020
Miners Alley Playhouse: Annual Update and Hopes for The Future

Len Matheo is the Executive/Artistic Director of Miners Alley Playhouse.  



Monique Hammond Apr 28, 2020
Hearing Loss: The Silent Epidemic

How did a hospital pharmacist get into this? Monique got into safety work after she went deaf in her left ear (due to an extremely loud church fundraiser of all places!). She had to quit her job. Monique then studied, wrote the book: What Did You Say? and was appointed by the governor to the Commission of Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans (MCDHH). In her presentation, Monique discusses various aspects of hearing and stresses that hearing loss is permanent and not only for older people anymore. Monique also discusses how to prevent hearing loss and ways to better cope with it. Please note: this is not a sales pitch – rather, we are on a mission: to keep people hearing better longer. Our concern is that Hearing Loss cases are growing rapidly in the US.

Monique has spoken to over 100 Rotary Clubs as well as over 120 other groups – to over 5000 members of the public and also to over 3000 employees at 60 Special Employee Safety Meetings. Monique is on a mission: to keep people hearing better longer - Hearing Loss cases are growing rapidly in the US. She is working to educate Rotarians about Hearing so that they can help families protect their ears. Last Summer, Monique spoke to the Rotary Club #10 in St.Paul and it was very well received.