Speaker Date Topic
Jim Rohrer, Mountain Foothills Rotary Club Mar 19, 2019
What Happened to Sears?

Jim Rohrer spent 30 years at Sears and retired as an officer of the company. With Sears in the news in such a negative way, a CU Professor asked Jim to address his MBA students with the topic “what happened to Sears?”


Dr. Mark D. Mitchell Mar 26, 2019
Magic Mountain Archaeology Project

Dr. Mitchell is the Research Director with Paleocultural Research Group in Arvada, CO.


Cary Steven Johnson Apr 02, 2019
Scams and Fraud Schemes

Director: Crime Prevention

1ST Judicial District Attorney's Office

George Stern Apr 09, 2019
The Role of the Office of Clerk and Recorder In The Election Process

The newly elected clerk and recorder in Jefferson County will talk about our election process and the Office of Clerk and Recorder.

Andrew McKean Apr 16, 2019
Liberty Lives Forever

A presentation about the liberty lives forever organization which is involved in promoting teaching about the Constitution in our schools.

Kari Eckart Apr 23, 2019
Teen Suicide Prevention (Robbie's Hope Foundation)

Robbie’s Hope Foundation was established to remove the stigma surrounding teen depression and teen suicide. The Foundation is focused on providing the tools and resources to enable Student Lead Activism through small group meetings, targeted financial support to highly efficient and effective organizations that specialize in providing therapy to teens, and by integrating mental health into a mandated Health Education curriculum in K-12 schools.

CLUB DARK Apr 30, 2019
Club Members Encouraged to Attend: GOOD NEWS BREAKFAST