Membership in a Rotary club offers a number of benefits, including:

·          Effecting change within the community

·          Advancing business and professional contacts

·          Developing leadership skills

·          Gaining an understanding of, and having an impact on, international humanitarian issues
(Your personal goal must be to attain all four of these ends: our impact is felt as we effect change, lead, and gain understanding WHILE we advance our business contacts.)


To be a Rotarian, you must give your time, talents, and financial support to the following:

·          Community work, here, and abroad if you choose

·          Social functions

·          Club and District activities

We want you to be apprised of the costs of membership upfront.  Here's what a typical Golden Rotarian spends over the course of a year for membership:

  • Initiation Fee -- $65.00 -- required
  • Quarterly Dues -- $225.00 -- required
  • SOCKO (club raffle) -- $2/meeting -- optional
  • Golden Backpack Program donation -- $1/meeting -- optional
  • The Rotary Foundation -- annual contribution - encouraged
  • PolioPlus -- annual contribution -- encouraged
  • Golden Rotary Foundation "Annual Pig Corral" -- encouraged



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