Steps to be followed once a potential member is identified.

(1) Membership committee member, with (preferred) or without the Rotary member having the contact has coffee with the prospective Rotarian at which time we (a) describe Rotary/Golden Rotary and (b) hand out the outline of our activities. We also qualify the prospect by finding out why they are considering joining and what kind of contribution they are likely to make.  We should also be distributing whatever Rotary material we feel is appropriate (certainly our club brochure).  After induction:

(2) The President meets one-on-one with the member (lunch or breakfast preferred) and goes over the club activity list, suggesting that the new member look for a fit  on a committee, etc.  Also allows the two people to get to know one another.  Should happen ASAP after induction.

(3) Periodically (as needed), we have a social gathering of some number of existing members (including membership committee and president, maybe others) and recently-inducted members at which time we talk about Golden Rotary/Rotary in a social setting.

(4) We distribute whatever additional material that needs to be distributed.

(5) We ask the new member to give a classification talk.

(6) We suggest/strongly recommend that the new member:

  • register on the club website and begin using it,
  • join a committee, do a project, or both, and
  • be a greeter for one month.
All items except (6) are "mandatory", meaning we will make sure these steps are followed.  Step (6) is described to the member as being strong recommendations based on our past experience. 

The membership committee monitors our progress in seeing that these steps are carried out.  We hope to have (2)-(6) completed within 3-6 months of induction.


With regard to (1), we tell all members that the Membership Committee (MC) is available to meet with prospects either with or without the member having the contact (but MC member does not have to attend the meeting if the contact member prefers to do it alone. But in that case, the process in (1) must still be followed.)


There is no change in status or special recognition given to the new member once (2) through (6) are completed.  A new inductee is a full-fledged Golden Rotarian once inducted.

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