1. The prospective member:
    1. Meets with a member of the Club's Membership Committee to ensure that the prospective member understands the obligations and programs of the Club.
    2. Completes a membership application and submits it to a member of the Membership Committee with the $65 application fee.  
  2. The Chair of the Membership Committee presents the application to the Club Board of Directors (via email to expedite) for consideration if no objections are received. 
  3. The Board of Directors votes to accept or reject the application. (via email if the next board meeting is more than a week away).
  4. If the Board of Directors accepts the application, the Club Membership Chair emails the prospective member's name to the general membership for comments.  
  5. If no objections are received from the general membership within 10 days, the Membership Committee Chair:
    1. Notifies the prospective member of the acceptance.
    2. Arranges for a mutually acceptable date for induction.
    3. See more here.




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