Though the Peace Committee is relatively new, each individual in the group has been engaged in the issue of peace for a long time.  Together, as a committee, we focus on three topics:
  • First, supporting youth programs in schools;
  • Second, communicating peace is possible; and
  • Third, teaching positive communication in a polarized society.
Supporting Youth Programs in Schools: Rotary has always believed in the importance of developing social, emotional, and ethical skills as early as possible.  We offer many programs for all ages of youth including curricula from The Peaceful Schools Program and The 4-Way Test Program.
Communicating Peace is Possible:  Our Speakers Bureau members explain that the news of the day does not reflect that we are truly living in the most peaceful time on our planet.  This message is communicated by members of the Speakers Bureau with topics range from human behavior to defining the numbers of what is happening.
Positive Conversation:  The Committee offers a variety of educational programs, which can be tailored to meet the needs of club or other organization, around authentic conversation in our polarized world, even down to our Thanksgiving tables.  Our first event on September 26, 2020, Learning to Talk Again, offers skills and practices to help each of us engage in conversation with people who think differently.  Following are comments by members of the Peace Committee about the upcoming event:
(Meme Kinoti) https://youtu.be/y6-uPrQKSuY  
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