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In the near future, we will begin hybrid meetings for Golden Rotary.  We will meet in limited numbers at an off-site location, following strict social distancing and other safety guidelines, and at the same time virtually over ZOOM.  If you are interested in attending in person or virtually, please send an email to:    We will let you know the specific location and details or will send you a Guest Link for the day you prefer.

15707 West 26th Avenue

Golden, CO   80401

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7:15 - 8:30 am

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Home Page Stories
Keene here, the Golden Rotary Peach Ambassador.  This week I want to share how our peach grower (Lee Bradley) actually GROWS our peaches.  (Click HERE)  Then don't forget to order your COLORADO peaches!  Remember:
  • Where Can You Buy Colorado Peaches?  On-line through THIS link! 
  • Cost?  $40/box
  • Where and When is Peach Pickup Day?   We have moved to the Golden High School parking lot (701-24th Street, 80401) on Saturday, August 29, 2020, from 8 am – 2 pm.
Got a question?  Send me an email:
Peachy Regards,

Your Golden Rotary Peach Team
The Jefferson Center (JC) continues to present free webinars on various aspects of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  In partnership with Golden Rotary, here is a very timely webinar.
Thursday, June 25, 12:30 – 1:30 MST
Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Golden
Losing a job comes with a heavy emotional toll. Experiencing shock and disbelief are normal, along with feeling frustrated, anxious, lost, and even hopeless.  When you’re thrown into an uncertain future, like being unemployed, it’s easy to let taking care of your mental health fall by the wayside, but it’s one of the most important times to practice good self-care. Know you aren’t alone and even in difficult situations it’s possible to have hope, be resilient, and stay positive. Join Jefferson Center clinician Heather Trish as she shares insights and resources to help you embrace change so you can thrive under all circumstances. Register here



Rotary eClub One is a fully chartered Rotary club and spending 30 minutes on their club site is a Rotary International approved make-up. Rotary International by-laws were changed in 2007 to provide for this make-up. If you have not completed an online make-up yet, you will find it full of more Rotary information then you might typically get at a traditional meeting.
Lem Kornegay
Jul 07, 2020
Hosting in Smaller Television Station Markets
Jul 14, 2020
Daniel Thoemke/Beth Loewen
Jul 21, 2020
Neighborhood Rehab Project
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Member Birthdays:
  • Heather Langendorfer
    June 25
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  • Vera
    June 14
  • Steve Jensen, D.A.
    Lori Guziak
    June 4
  • Jamie Sheridan
    Julie Sheridan
    June 6
  • Ken Kranz
    June 8
  • Rick Hebert
    Kiki Deane
    June 10
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    June 20
  • Warren Spaulding
    June 21
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    Sue Mitchell
    June 24
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    Summer De Min
    June 25
  • Sandy Algermissen
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    June 29
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  • Lem Kornegay
    June 1, 2010
    10 years
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    June 3, 2014
    6 years
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    June 14, 2002
    18 years
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    June 25, 1991
    29 years
  • Bob Short
    June 25, 2002
    18 years
  • Vivienne Naylor
    June 26, 2018
    2 years
Rotary’s first virtual convention inspires members to innovate and stay connected

Rotary’s first-ever virtual convention attracted more than 60,000 registrants and 175,000 viewers during its weeklong program.

3D printers to the rescue

Rotary members join 3D print enthusiasts to make personal protective equipment in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic.