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Serving Golden and the world since 1986

Breakfast Meeting Location:  

The Club at Rolling Hills

15707 West 26th Avenue

Golden, CO   80401

Meeting Day & Time:


7:15 - 8:30 am

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Please Join Us! We’re Kickin’ Up Our Heels!
Join The Rotary Club of Golden and The Foundation at Rolling Hills to have some fun and make a difference in the lives of our community’s youth!   We’ll be Kickin’ up Our Heels at our Wild, Wild, West Gala on June 22nd with a Golf Tournament at Rolling Hills Golf Course, June 24th.  We are raising money to enrich the lives of Golden area youth and fund several programs with a focus on education, hunger, and mental health. So dust off your boots and get your ticket now at
We don’t want you to miss out!
This week's "Mental Wellness Tip" is the final tip for the school year! With special thanks to Golden High School students and the Golden Rotary "Mental Wellness Committee" for this inspiration this school year.


Follow Pat and Dan's trek along the entire Continental Divide Trail through the blogs posted by Pat's daughter, Erin.  Thanks, Erin!!!  We love following their travels, which are posted with the latest blog up front!

Even through-hikers need cell phones

Somehow a bunch of CDT hikers ended up at Doc Campbell's Post at the same time.  We're all waiting for the store to open. There's WIFI and everyone is hanging out fiddling with their cellphones.  The hikers are very self-sufficient but very hooked on social media!

A lot of CDT publications use the phrase 'embrace the brutality. '  Trail humor has modified that to 'embrace the moo-tality.'  Last night there were cows all around,  mooing. 😊

Today's highlight was the CDT taking us up and over Burro Mountain at 8,000 feet.   Fairly steep up and down,  but it sure felt refreshing to breathe cooler,  mountain air.

Burrow Mountain Homestead is very old and enduring.   We're staying in the Roosevelt Room,  named so because Teddy Roosevelt stayed in this room!  Feels good to have a shower,  cook our own meal (they sell frozen pizza,  and we can use the kitchen) and tomorrow I'll make hot coffee and have a hot breakfast.   Then,  on to Silver City for Trail Days and our first zero day.

Rotary eClub One is a fully chartered Rotary club and spending 30 minutes on their club site is a Rotary International approved make-up. Rotary International by-laws were changed in 2007 to provide for this make-up. If you have not completed an online make-up yet, you will find it full of more Rotary information then you might typically get at a traditional meeting.

Interested in Membership in the Rotary Club of Golden?  Contact Membership Chair, Pat Madison,, or call 303-279-1021.  To learn more about membership in Golden Rotary, click on the "Membership Committee" site page in the menu on the left.  If you want a membership application, please download one from the file on the left under "Home Page Download Files."

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Holger Knaack selected to be 2020-21 Rotary International

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